Saturday, September 19, 2020

September days are here again

Sadly I had to say goodbye to August as the hint of fall starts the cooling process with temperatures in the 40s during night time hours. I have lots of green tomatoes but I've read that it takes night time temperatures above 50 degrees to ripen a tomato. I can believe it because I haven't harvested a ripe tomato for some time now. The plants are looking quite sad with dried up leaves and bare looking stems. I always try to nurse the last of the tomatoes to harvest but I don't think I'll be getting many more this year. When this time of the year comes, it always makes me think about how quickly the summer has past. My thoughts are always about how I didn't get enough done but as I browse back through my daily journal, I find that I have accomplished much more that I remember. This is the season with the temperatures in the 70s that is more favorable for hard labor outside projects to get finished up for the season. So I guess the month of September would be "Finish it" month.

At the beginning of every year I have an ambitious garden bucket list to accomplish by the end of the year. Of the 10 items on the list only one is completely done.  The picture is the rebuilding of one raised bed in the backyard where I live. It's nearing 1/2 completion and I'm hoping to get it done by the end of September. It will allow me once again to use this bed for growing. It was a rubbish pile most of this year. The Terra Nova Gardens water tower project continues. I alternate between that project and this rebuild of the backyard raised bed. 
This is another row of post supports done and actually I have next row to the right done as well. So the support blocks are all in position for this side of the water tower. So the next step will be to get the support posts strapped in position and braced. From research I've learned that each post can support 2,000 pounds. Because I have nine posts under each tank, each post will supporting 250 pounds. Yeah, just a little over engineered but I want it to be safe and sturdy for as long as I live.

On the family local front, I finally solved my Mother in law's TV issue. Some weeks ago, the cable company sent her a letter saying that she needed to upgrade her cable box or some of her channels would not work right. After the new cable box was installed, the TV would randomly shut off during the day. The remote that came with the new box has many small buttons on it. It's a challenge for a nearly 94 year old person with failing eyesight to figure out which button to push, so she would just randomly start poking buttons hoping the TV would come back on. Well, it never would turn out well and I would have to straighten it out for her. After much research, I found that in the settings of the cable box, there is a setting that was set to auto power off after four hours. So if there was no activity on the cable box, after four hours it would shut off because I suppose the thought was that no one was watching the TV and it would save electricity. It created havoc in this old woman's life until I figured out how to cure it. I was glad to restore some peace in her life because at 94, TV is about all she has for entertainment. 

Even though the Governor lifted more Covid restrictions the city where I live did not. We are under a face mask at all times in public if the six foot social distancing can't be maintained. All stores are requiring face masks for entry. It really looks like this is going to continue on into the next year. This has been a year that we all will remember. Fires ranging in California, Oregon, and Colorado; hurricanes pounding our coastlines; and another 4.6 earthquake in southern San Fernando Valley. Unrest and violence is causing chaotic actions all across the country. I have given up cable TV and live by what I hear from friends and neighbors for news. It gives me enough information to know what's going on in the world without the gory details played over and over. 

Gardening has kept me calm and anxiety free through out this troubled time. I could say that it's my sanctuary.  It's just good to know that some things are as they should be. Seeds are still sprouting and growing to maturity; wildlife still think I'm growing a buffet for them; and weeds are as prolific as ever. All is right with the world, it's just the people that live it that are having issues.

I hope and pray that all is well in your world. Have the best day that you can in the garden.

Nebraska Dave
Urban Farmer

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  1. So glad to get an update. Your garden and water tower projects are looking good. Are you planning on having the bed ready for spring planting?
    Bless your heart. Your MIL is fortunate to have you to help her with these things. Why can't they make remotes with larger buttons? It should be an option. Glad you fixed her problem.

    I agree with you about the news. I gave up watching that years ago and my life has been much more peaceful since. I still know what's going on, but without all of the shenanigans that go on in the reporting. It helps with contentment to cut oneself off from the world, at least some of the time.

    We have dipped into the 40's overnight here as well, so I'm hoping I'm not too late to plant some of my fall crops. Fingers crossed.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. You deserve it. ;0D