Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy New Year
January gives me a sigh of relief. The two months of busy holiday season is finally over. Don't get me wrong I love Thanksgiving and Christmas but I'm always kind of glad to see it over and life gets a bit of a rest before gardening starts up. 

This is going to be a year of finishing projects that are half done. It seems that I get excited about a project and loose interest about half way through the project. So, I've made my New Year plans to be a year of finishing it or as a famous Nebraskan comedian says, "Get ur done." The list is longer than the year so it will be a busy year for sure.
One of the best parts of the season is the beginning of the barrage of seed catalogs.
It's always comforting to settle back into a cozy chair with a hot cup of tea and a seed catalog to just browse the pages while the cold Winter weather rages on outside. I have a plan settled in my mind but it's never cast in stone until the seeds or plants are in the ground. I can plan all I want on paper or with digital garden planners but some times when in the garden, it just doesn't feel right and the plan gets changed.

The weather here has been quite warm for the first week of January. I actually went out to Terra Nova Gardens to cover up some garden beds with tarps to keep the Spring weeds under control. The temperature was a mild 54 degrees and the ground was muddy. Now the forecast is for a Winter storm to hit will up to three inches of snow starting with rain and then freezing rain and then snow. The worst scenario ever. Oh, well, I'm in for the weekend and will most likely stay in if the weather is bad. It might be a good time to just hunker down and make a big pot of chili.
I've been diligently working on replacing the kitchen floor. Way back in March I started working on this project due to a refrigerator that failed while I was away for a few days to a wedding in Texas. It ruined the floor under the fridge and so it just looked dumb having a nice new floor around the fridge with the rest of the kitchen and dining room with a dull 50 year old floor. So, yeah, it's kind of funny how things work that way for me. All I wanted was to fix the floor under the fridge and it turned into a full fledged floor replacement. This floor is just cheap peel and stick tiles. Most people with crinkle up their nose at such a task and complain that they know a person that knows a person that tried that and it didn't work. Well, if they just tried to stick the titles on top of an old dingy floor that's been walked on for 50 years then I would say that it was doomed to be a disaster. I have glued and screwed down a very thin subfloor over the old floor to get a very smooth and clean surface for the titles to stick. Once my tiles are down they won't be moving or peeling up. When the floor is done a coat of sealer will be applied to keep the cracks from filling up with crud. I'm getting down to where I can see the end of the floor project which is good. 

When the kitchen/dining room floor is done, I can start on the living room design. It's a bit unorthodox but I'm going to make it into a eating area. I have a large oval table with chairs. I have plans to start having Sunday dinners for family, friends, and neighbors. Now that I have my house to myself, I can make some of those plans that have been put on the shelf happen.

One of the task that had to be accomplished was to move this China hutch from the dining room to the living room. I has a lot of dishes and nick knacks displayed in the hutch. I devised a way to move the cabinet without removing any thing inside the hutch. It was a successful move without a single thing that moved for broke. Even more amazing is the that this hutch is a two piece hutch. The top is not attached to the bottom. I was a bit concerned about that but it moved really well with the strap around the top and bottom.

I'm hoping to get started on seed starting area renovation soon. I have a lot of plans floating around in my brain. I'm working on one design that will be able to be assembled in stages as the season ramps up. That will most likely be the one that I'll go with.

Well, lots to do and little time to do it. I hope all your plans for the new year will all be accomplished with great success.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Nebraska Dave


  1. You're going to be a busy bee. Your floor looks great. We put in flooring two years ago, only to have the installer come in December to rip it up as it was installed wrong by the first install. Glad the flooring store replaced it on their dime!
    Its been awhile since ive been on. Many problems with blog, finally got back on a few weeks ago.
    Hunker down and do the chili thing. Sounds like were going to get something.
    Take care

  2. So good to hear from you, Dave! I saw your letter in Mother Earth News just yesterday. So sweet about you and your gal.

    I love all of your ambitious plans! Just tackle one thing at a time and you'll be okay.
    Enjoy your chili and seed perusing!
    Hoping that the worst of winter is almost gone!

  3. I keep a running list of intended projects. As they pop into my head, sometimes with the assistance of my wife, I write them down on a notepad. Of course, while a few of the "to do's" get done, most wind up in the graveyard of good intentions. It's nice to see someone who actually gets their projects completed.

    I'm right there with you on the garden planning, and I actually have a few seed started on heat mats. My zone 9a, coastal location allows me to get an early start.

    Best of luck with your garden, and may your house be pleasantly filled with dinnertime guests.