Sunday, July 1, 2018

July already?
Oh, my goodness has it really been almost three months since the last post.  I have lost track of not just days or weeks but it seems like entire months. Since my last post, I've been to Las Vegas for my grand daughter's graduation, worked on kitchen floor replacement, tried to plant garden, went to cousins gathering, was a pall bearer at a funeral, built a cover for the back of my truck, went to an Oak Ridge Boys concert, and have been working on a patio bucket gutter garden.

The weather has been quite extreme this year. It started with a cold and late Spring which turn hot. Two 100 degree days in May are kind of rare for Nebraska. Since then, the weather has either been hot (90+) or raining. Gardening for this year has practically been a total loss. Weeds have taken over Terra Nova Gardens and only potatoes, cabbage, sweet corn, and three lonely volunteer cherry tomatoes reside there.  My main task at Terra Nova Gardens is to save the sweet corn by getting the electric fence functional before the raccoons decide to destroy it. They aren't the brightest animal in nature's kingdom. Even before the ears start to form on the stalk, they will come in and decimate the crop. There's absolutely no value for them in that.  If they would wait for the ears to form at least there would some thing for them to eat but they don't. In their greed they destroy the very thing they could have later.  The interesting thing is that my neighbor where I live has an area at Terra Nova Gardens where he plants popcorn which is never bothered by raccoons. It just doesn't smell right, I guess.

Those alien vines and scrub Mulberry trees are making a play to take over the side yard again. It looks like a Brazilian jungle. I will have to spend some time cleaning that mess up once again. It seems to be a yearly task. There's no lack of things to do around the Urban Ranch or Terra Nova Gardens.

I did get a watering system set up for the Urban Ranch tomatoes. It's about the fifth generation of gravity feed watering for the raised beds in the back yard.  It's the simplest, easiest to build, and cheapest to afford yet. The bucket gutter garden has been moved to the patio and will be fed strictly by gravity without even having a timer. There's too much activity going on to put into one post so I'll have to post more often and reveal details in a timely manner. 

I just wanted to get a post out and let you know that I'm still alive and kicking.

Have a great 4th of July and stay safe. 

Nebraska Dave

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  1. Hey, Dave! So good to see you stirring out here in Blogland! Sounds like you've had a bit of frustration in the garden, but I'm sure you'll make things better.
    Glad you had some fun adventures. Looking forward to more updates!