Thursday, June 1, 2017

A very Productive Week

This has been the first week that the weather has been relatively decent.  Every day has been spent in doing some kind of garden work.  Every thing looks wonderful for the moment and my concentration has been on weed control.  That's always the last thing on the list.  Most time every thing is oriented to critter control.

The harvest of strawberries has begun.  If you can remember the strawberries were eaten to the ground two years ago by deer.  It took an entire year for the surviving five plants to recover from the devastation.
 As you can see they have recovered nicely and are loaded with berries this year.  I don't see any evidence that they have been ravaged by a four legged marauding critter of the night.  The fences seem to be holding and gardening life is good.  Yeah, by the way those small hand full of strawberries were ravenously devoured in about five seconds after the picture was taken.  They were so tasty.  Real strawberries are a taste treat and nothing like the plum sized monster strawberries in the stores.

There's a path in there on the left some where.  One thing I really like about the carpet method of weed control is how easy it is to deal with weeds.  The carpet doesn't eliminate them but greatly slows them down and is easy to weed the area when needed.
It's as easy as rolling up the carpet; cleaning up the few weeds on the sides; and turning the carpet over with the weedy side down.  In about 30 minutes one can go from a weedy mess to completely weed free.
 Big difference, huh.  It's unbelievably easy to accomplish a complete weeding in just a short amount of time completely chemical free.  

I've had one comment about toxic chemicals leaching into my vegetable beds.  This carpet here has been in my garden for going on six years without any sign of deterioration.  My answer to that question is if the material doesn't deteriorate, it can't be leaching much into the soil.  Besides for 50 or more years babies have been crawling around on it, father's have wrestled with their kids on it; people have fallen asleep on it; and I've yet to hear of a single study that says carpets are bad and cause health problems.  Have you?

More to come.  Have a great day in the garden.  If you don't have a garden then find a nice park to spend some time outside.


  1. Your strawberry bed has filled up nicely, and I have to agree strawberries fresh from a garden is nothing like grocery store strawberries. And it looks like your carpet weed control method works amazingly well.

  2. That carpet trick is better than watching a monkey ride a bicycle - amazing. It's the ingenious ways that gardeners find to make life easier that keep me informed and entertained. The next time I run across some spare carpet, I'm going to give it a shot. It's a great idea as far as I'm concerned, and it incorporates recycling, to boot. Thanks for taking the time to share your garden's progress, and best of luck with the vegetables this year.

  3. You're right about strawberries Dave. The flavor of home-grown strawberries is out of this world, while those big ones with the hard white center from the grocery store not only have no flavor, but have been sprayed with all kinds of stuff we ought not eat. Happy gardening.