Thursday, June 29, 2017

June mostly a month of weeds

The last week of June.  The month was filled with wheel barrows of pulled weeds.  I'm not done yet.  Just when I was caught up, the family packed up and spent 10 days in Las Vegas for a high school graduation.  My youngest grand daughter that lives in Las Vegas graduated this year so the family packed up and went to Las Vegas for the graduation.
 This is my family.  In the back row starting on the left is me, then Rob (my awesome son in law), then his wife (my daughter Sherry), then the graduate (Mary), then her sister Anna (my middle grand daughter), and Joan (my oldest grand daughter).  Front row is Bradley (my grandson), and Lydia (my youngest daughter).  My sister Pam is missing.  The graduation was on Tuesday at 9am which is a work time for my sister.  

I was hoping to see my grand kids in Wyoming but that didn't work out so we decided to take the Denver route back to Omaha.  We left Las Vegas at about 10:30am Vegas time and arrived at the car rental place about 8:30am on Friday.  It took 19 hours of driving time to get back home.  All of us were glad to get back home.   Vacation is a fun time but there's no place like home.
The garden exploded while I was away with sweet corn tasseling and weeds abounding.  Ten days of not being there and weeds try to take over.  This is the first corn planted with three more beds planted two weeks apart after this one.   I expect to have corn in July and weeks after.  Over all the garden looks to be the best since I've started Terra Nova Gardens.
These were small plants when I left 10 days ago and now look.  The plan was to let the squash crawl over into the second sweet corn bed.  These squash seeds were given to me by a friend that saved them from a squash that she bought from the store a couple years ago.  A row of cucumbers were planted behind the squash to grow up the slanted fence.  However while I was away the cucumbers starting growing along the ground and not up the fence.  It was difficult to bring them back up the fence but hopefully they will get the idea and start climbing the slanted fence.  I had to cut off a couple squash vines that decided to compete with the cucumbers and start climbing up the slanted fence.  

It was a sad day a couple days ago.  I have a 55 gallon barrel sunk down in the spring at Terra Nova Gardens that I pump water out of to water the garden.   Apparently, I didn't get the lid on the barrel tight enough and a raccoon pulled off the lid and fell into the barrel full of water.  I'm not a real fan of raccoons that ravage my garden but I wouldn't be so heartless as to have a raccoon drown from exhaustion trying to get out of a barrel of water.   I buried her on the hill behind the garden.  
The green beans are filled with blooms and look to have a great harvest.  They aren't the only things that are doing well.  The green peppers and egg plants are really doing good this year.  

We  just had a hail storm come through so it will be interesting to see what the damage is tomorrow.  It's always a threat to a garden to have a hail storm.  The hail was about quarter size for about 10 minutes.  I'm hoping that the hail didn't do too much damage.

While away at Las Vegas I set up a automatic watering system to keep the tomatoes and green peppers watered.  It seemed to work really well.  I'm hoping to expand it next year to move raised beds irrigated. The tomatoes this year are a bit behind because of the cold wet Spring.  The plants were extremely over grown by the time they were planted.  I have tomatoes the size of golf balls but won't have any ripe tomatoes until the some time in July.  Every year is so different.  

What's going on in your garden this year?

Have a great 4th of July.  Be well and be a safe.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A very Productive Week

This has been the first week that the weather has been relatively decent.  Every day has been spent in doing some kind of garden work.  Every thing looks wonderful for the moment and my concentration has been on weed control.  That's always the last thing on the list.  Most time every thing is oriented to critter control.

The harvest of strawberries has begun.  If you can remember the strawberries were eaten to the ground two years ago by deer.  It took an entire year for the surviving five plants to recover from the devastation.
 As you can see they have recovered nicely and are loaded with berries this year.  I don't see any evidence that they have been ravaged by a four legged marauding critter of the night.  The fences seem to be holding and gardening life is good.  Yeah, by the way those small hand full of strawberries were ravenously devoured in about five seconds after the picture was taken.  They were so tasty.  Real strawberries are a taste treat and nothing like the plum sized monster strawberries in the stores.

There's a path in there on the left some where.  One thing I really like about the carpet method of weed control is how easy it is to deal with weeds.  The carpet doesn't eliminate them but greatly slows them down and is easy to weed the area when needed.
It's as easy as rolling up the carpet; cleaning up the few weeds on the sides; and turning the carpet over with the weedy side down.  In about 30 minutes one can go from a weedy mess to completely weed free.
 Big difference, huh.  It's unbelievably easy to accomplish a complete weeding in just a short amount of time completely chemical free.  

I've had one comment about toxic chemicals leaching into my vegetable beds.  This carpet here has been in my garden for going on six years without any sign of deterioration.  My answer to that question is if the material doesn't deteriorate, it can't be leaching much into the soil.  Besides for 50 or more years babies have been crawling around on it, father's have wrestled with their kids on it; people have fallen asleep on it; and I've yet to hear of a single study that says carpets are bad and cause health problems.  Have you?

More to come.  Have a great day in the garden.  If you don't have a garden then find a nice park to spend some time outside.