Monday, May 8, 2017

Time for some digging

The rain finally took a break so now it was time to do some digging.  As you can see this is a bed that not been dug up before.  A good crop of green foliage was beginning to sprout.  If left too long it would be as high as my head and tough as iron to cut or pull.  So with shovel in hand and wheel barrow beside me bed #12 began it's journey to become a productive garden bed.
 About an hour and a half later the task was complete with what I call my first harvest from the bed.
Yes, a nice batch of rocks with green vines wrapped around them.  It seems that there is a layer of rock about six to eight inches under the soil.  There's also some kind of vine network under the surface that seems to be all connected and covers the entire garden.  Slowly, I'm rooting them out and keeping them under control.  I even dug up a few old car parts and a 1986 license plate.  I continue to find creepy doll heads with no bodies and no eyes.  Over the course of the last five years I have probably dug up at least a dozen or so.  I'm not sure what that's all about.  Now bed #12 has been planted with the first planting of sweet corn.  I'm planting four beds this year.  Each will be two weeks apart.  One row of beans was planted in the main part of the garden with three more to be planted.  I only had enough seeds for one row.  The seed packs just don't have many in them any more.   Some of the super hybrid seed packs might only have 10 or less seeds.  I don't buy those pricey seeds and stick with the plants and seeds that have been around since the days of Noah.   
This last weekend Bradley and I participated in a father - son weekend.  So there I was with Bradley and all the other thirty some thing Dads.  This was the bonfire on Saturday night.  That baby was still smoking the next morning.  Bradley rode his first four wheeler all by himself.  There were many other first time adventurous things for him.  The group of boys were kept busy until they dropped.  It was about 3:30am the first night and about midnight the second night.  There was no sleeping in.  They were forced out of bed by 7am for devotions and breakfast before the day's activities began.  Right so the drive home was about two and a half hours.  Yeah, Bradley was asleep before we got a mile down the road.  When we got home, I was ready for a nap and he was fully rested and ready to go.  Thankfully his Mom took over and kept him busy until bed time.  So now comes Monday morning and school.  It took all of ten minutes to pry him out of bed.  Only to find him laying on his bed sleeping 10 minutes later; then on the living room couch 10 minutes later; and then asleep on the kitchen table when eating breakfast.   Finally, by school time he was almost awake.  So we will see what happens tomorrow.  Life is good if I just don't weaken.

Well, that's it for this week.  I hope everything is going well with your Spring.  This will be a week of planting every thing.


  1. Ah, the first crop of the season! For me, it's broken shards of glass and nails. The previous owner must have dumped his burn barrel around this area.
    Creepy doll heads?---perhaps your spot was the sight of a dump years ago and some business dumped broken toys??
    Well, lucky you getting to start on planting, etc. We are currently 22 degrees---I think my fruit trees will not be producing this year

    1. Sue, you have to be so innovative to garden where you live. We have 153 frost free days of garden season here. I think we are done with frost for this year. I planted my backyard garden beds (4 of them) with onions, lettuce, cabbage, and radishes. I still have cucumbers and Swiss chard to go.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Always a treasure hunt in your garden. Eeek. Sounds like everyone had fun at the father-son outing. You came with experience. :-) Making memories...

    1. GonSS, It's always good to see a comment from you. Yup, it's certainly interesting the first dig in a bed that's for sure. Indeed, making memories. My father son memories were fishing trips with Dad and family.

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