Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Garden is coming alive

Every thing is starting to wake up and come alive.  The soil is waking up all the seeds (weeds).  This year I've been able to stay some what ahead of the weeds.  I've found that it's better not to wait to see the weeds but give the raised beds a stir about three days after a rain.  The little weed seeds are sprouted and get nipped right away.  Tiny little weeds become big weeds over night it seems.  Every year a new weed plague comes to the garden.  This year it's Creeping Charlie.  It's appears to be every where but easy to pull up out of the ground and dispose of.  My disposal area is just to heave a bucket full up over the back wooden garden fence into the wooded area. 

I had in mind to expand the sweet corn fortress by adding two more raised beds but once I got started it ended up being four more.  It went well and in just about three days the beds were lined with a rock border and ready to be dug.  First time digging is tough.  Vines, rocks, and other interesting finds make the virgin digging quite intriguing.  It's been a real boon to have free old dumpster carpeting to help keep the weeds suppressed until I can work on an area of the garden.  

 There's the last of the raised garden beds for this year.  My neighbor where I live does lawn and landscaping for a living.  On occasion he will tear out a rock wall and replace it with the nice looking concrete retaining wall blocks.  I always want the rocks to use in my garden.  They are much better than wood because they last forever.  Now the challenge becomes hardwood mulch and fencing to keep out the raccoons and other night time critters that like my garden.

This is bed number 9 and is planted with the potato crop.  The first grass mowing has been used for mulch.  It will decompose and allow the nitrogen rich elements to soak down into the soil under the mulch to fertilize the potatoes and it will be a deterrent to weed growth.  There's always a few weeds that can come up through the thickest of mulches but far less that with bare soil.  Potatoes will have no problem finding their way up through the mulch.

The strawberries are starting to flower and look like I may just get a few berries this year if the birds, rabbits, or other critters don't get there first.  It's always a battle with wild life, weather, and city officials.

This Spring the power company came by and needed to trim trees.  They worked an entire day on my property trimming up trees.  The good news was that I convinced them to trim off a big branch that hung out over my garden area.  Now instead of  losing the sun every day at 2pm for half the garden it will be good until about 4pm.  The threat of falling on top of my fence some day during a wind storm is gone as well.  The trimming crew informed me that my big cottonwood tree next to the picnic table was covered with .... poison ivy.  It's a good thing I've never been susceptible to the effects of poison ivy.  However, it would make it a danger for visitors.  

It's a good thing that planting season isn't far away.  The seedlings are busting to get outside in the garden.  Lots of work will be required in the next four weeks.  Hopefully, the weather will be kind and let the work get done.

Well, that's all for now.  Have a great Spring day.