Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring has Sprung 

The outside is delightful.  The birds are chirping and the warm Spring rain is quenching the thirsty earth.  It's time for nature to wake up.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.  Every thing just seems right in the Spring.  New life abounds in plants and animals.  Even old gardeners begin to feel the urge to be more active and have more energy.  The smell of the moist earth; the sounds of the wild life; and the Spring blooming flowers all have an effect on emotions in a positive way.  Filled with new ideas and plans for the garden year, work begins in Terra Nova Gardens. 
The garden expansion continues.  One and a half more raised beds have been built with one more in the plan.  It will make for six beds on this half of the garden.  The inside fences will be constructed in preparation for the electric fence.  I always have high hopes to stay on top of the weeds but alas by August they are a bit out of control.  Hopefully, this year will be that year when I win and weeds lose. 😃😃

 My plant seedlings are busting at the seams to get outside.  The soil temperature is 46 degrees and should reach the 50 degree mark for me to plant by next week.  I'll be hardening off the plants starting tomorrow by putting them outside for a couple hours the first day and increasing the time each day to perhaps all day by Friday.  Then they will be ready to plant out along with sowing radishes.  Salads will be on the way.   Tomatoes, Green pepper, and Eggplant will have to wait another four to six weeks before planting out.  They are all  ready to be transplanted for the first time.  Each of the two transplanting times the plants will get fresh potting mix which gives them a good boost.  By the middle of May they will be nice sturdy plants ready for the real world.

That's pretty much all for this time.  Happy gardening to all.

Nebraska Dave


  1. It's always great to see the progress of your garden. Thanks for sharing. Being a "little" south of you, here on the southeast coast of Texas, our Spring gardening season is well on its way. We had a nonexistent Winter this year and an EARLY Spring. Tomatoes are on the vine, and we're counting our blessings. Best wishes on your Spring garden.

  2. All those beds just waiting for plants! That lettuce looks great. I put out some seeds--lettuce, radishes, kohlrabi, onion sets and peas. Had a beautiful day in the garden with the birds. Hoping for rain this week.

  3. It's an exciting time of the year. I'm envious of your being able to plant some things now. I'm expecting snow again today, but after that the rains should be coming and that will take care of that.
    I just spent a few weeks in Nebraska for the migrations and the weather in Alma was all over the place---VERY warm one day, cold the next. But--the main point was the sunshine---very very welcome to this Northern gardener.
    Happy Spring, David. Hope you have a terrific year in the garden.