Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Projects

So let the inside projects begin.  With the toilet not shutting off fixed and the kitchen sink drain leaking fixed, it's time to move on to repairing the washing machine shut off valve.  There are some challenges with this project.

 These shut off valves are old and haven't been turned off in decades.  They have become corroded.  In my experience with this type of valves to put some muscle on them and shut them off is a mistake.  Oh, they will shut off but when turned back on they leak. Then it becomes replace the valve.  That opens up the issue of twisting the pipe in the wall which could lead to breaking the pipe.  Now there's leak behind the drywall.  The first alternative is to always shut off the water to the entire house every time the washing machine needs to be worked on.  Even though that's unhandy, it's the only way to be sure not to disturb the corroded valve and cause unwanted issues.  

These are the parts that will fix the valve issue.  Instead of replacing the valve, I'm just going to put another valve in front of the existing one.  These valves are made different and will not have the shut off issues of the original valves.

Here is the new valves installed with no leaks.  Stage one is complete on the shut off valve replacement.  Now the real transplant needs to be done.  I took down the model, serial number, and stock number of the washing machine to take to the parts place.  The parts guy said it's not on the computer.  This machine is probably 20 years old.  It didn't surprise me that it wasn't in the computer.  So now I have bring in the part to who the parts guy for him to come up with a replacement.  They all kind of work the same and I actually believe I've replaced this one before.

What projects have been keeping you busy these cold Winter days?  Be safe.

Old Nebraska Dave

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  1. Some idiot connected a hot water line to the ice making part of our fridge/freezer, so that had to be fixed! Otherwise, plastering, varnishing, wood chopping, and generally keeping warm. Best wishes, Cro.