Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Yes, Well, here it is a new year once again. I struggled to stay awake to usher in the New year. Bradley, my 12 year old grandson, made it with abundant energy. After 69 New Years, it just doesn't have the same excitement as when I was younger. So Now we have clean slate for the year. What will be your New Year resolutions? Lose weight seems to be the most popular one in my experience. I'm always competing with weight. I've lost hundreds of pounds over the decades but it seems at the end of each year my weight increases ever so slightly. I guess the inside Winter projects just don't expend enough energy to keep down the tonnage. 

I mostly have given up on resolutions and have plans instead. It gives me the freedom to change the plans at will or eliminate them all together. So what are my plans for the year? I always have way more plans than time to complete them so some come from last year's plans. Many are kind of open ended and will take several years to complete.

1. Continue to develop Terra Nova Gardens. The plans there are to expand the rock lined beds by at least three more. I do want to double the electric fence protected area. It was amazing to see how well the portable electric fence worked last year. That was my greatest success.

2. Work more at bringing my house back into order. Yeah, a lot of hard work for that one. After many years of neglect, I hardly know where to begin. I'll probably start with plumbing. Yes, my favorite thing. Slow running drains, dripping faucets, toilets that don't shut off until the handle is jiggled, clothes washer that drips water when the wash is done, leaky drain pipes under the kitchen sink. Well, you get the idea. Old houses are in a constant state of repair.

3. I really want to write more. Last year was the least amount of blogging for me since I started blogging in 2008. Perhaps I might creep into video some. I have watched hundreds of hours of gardening videos on YouTube over the last three years. Blogging and Vlogging is a good way to keep a record of when things were done.

So here's to an awesome 2017. What are your plans for the New Year?

Nebraska Dave
Urban Farmer
Omaha Nebraska
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  1. Great plans, David. I guess the best way to start is to make a list--get the worst ones out of the way first, then the rest move along well.

    I'm starting to go through the house and repaint, freshen up things. It's been ten years since we renovated. Now it needs some cosmetic touching up. Nothing major like plumbing though-thank goodness.

    I don't do resolutions anymore. I just set out a few changes I want to do in the garden, and let the rest of the things fall into place.
    Hope you have a very happy (and healthy!!) New Year, David.

  2. Sending all best wishes for a very happy new year!
    If you're going to tackle those plumbing jobs yourself, that's further evidence that you're a better man than me!
    This year I want to try to get more involved in community activities, rather than spending all my time on the farm. We're going to try to do at least one "date night" or day trip each month. We're going to take it easier on Sundays. And I'm hoping to start a new writing project. We'll see how those goals work out! :)