Friday, January 20, 2017

Finally Gardening begins 

So you ever had those areas that seem to attract junk with the thought of dealing with it later?  Yes, my basement seed starting area was one of those this year.  I decided yesterday to get down there and start cleaning it up.  Card board boxes, wrappings from last year cell starting kits, bits and pieces from small construction projects for the area were all part of the rubble in the middle of the room.  The first order of business was to clear it all out.  I had a 10 foot gutter trough built for the five gallon buckets that had lettuce and radishes growing in last year.  That experiment was a success and I had it in mind to do it again this year but alas Christmas and plumbing issues stole it away from me.
So I decided to modify the gutter to turn it into a seed starting station.  I have enough room for 288 cells.  Leveling and a better hanger for the lights will be next.  Two more lights will be hung over the cell kits.  I have every thing I need to get it done.  Now I just need to muster up the desire and energy.


This is the year for a new phone.  The old phone was so far into the last century that it had no trade in value.  It only took two days for me to figure out how to answer a call.  My daughter and grandson snickered across the room every time I fumbled around with my phone.  You see I was used to poking buttons with the old phone and every thing seems to be a swipe with the new phone.  I've had to retrain all those muscle responses.  So after about three weeks, I have learned every thing I need to know.  I'm sure the phone will do much more than I will ever use.  It's kind of amazing to think that I can hold in one hand held phone more powerful technology than what took the astronauts to the moon.  I now have total access to the entire Internet's knowledge with a simple command of "OK Goggle".

Have a blessed January.  There's another post coming soon.

Nebraska Dave
Urban Farmer


  1. That's quite an amazing way of thinking about the new phones. I doubt, though, that I will ever own one. I know from experience that I am not smart enough for a "smart" phone. Sigh.

    I'm getting excited to start seeds, but it's still two full months off for me. I do have my orders already in and sorted through and waiting.
    We go from TOO much time, to NO time once the calendar hits April 1 up here.
    Have fun planting

  2. We have a similar set up, but we sit ours next to a window in the hopes of getting some sunlight in addition to the grow lights. I guess it's time to start setting up here too, since we're now only ten days from the day we normally start our spring transplants. How can it be the last day of January already? Where did the month go?

  3. I can't cope with mobile phones, so I go without and wait for people to call me on my land line (or Email).

    All my seeds are waiting in a box, but they won't see the light of day until mid to end March. Always an exciting time.