Thursday, August 4, 2016

The tomatoes are ripening

Way back in February the tomato crop was started by building tomato towers.  Pallets are disassembled and used to build four tomato towers.  They stood tall and mighty.  Neighbors smiled at the antics of an old crazy gardener's version of over engineering a simple tomato support.
Being undaunted the towers were transported to Terra Nova Gardens to be planted in the raised bed used for 2016 tomatoes.
 After four years of watching a very unorthodox gardener, this neighborhood watched as the towers were planted in the garden bed and wondered what in the world would these shelves be used for. 
Then came the day of planting.  Yes, the little tomato with a high tower to climb.  With determination and will power, the little tomato began to grow and grow and grow.  Never mind that neighbors drove slowly by marveling at the massive structure for such a tiny plant.
Ok, who's laughing now.  This growth has been without any additional fertilizer.  Only the natural spring water that's on the property was used during June to keep the plants watered.  It's now August and the tomatoes are starting to ripen.  There are lots of green tomatoes so let the harvesting begin. 

How's your tomato crop doing this year?


  1. Who's laughing now? Those are some great tomato cages. It's amazing how big tomato plants, particularly indeterminate ones, can get. I like the fact that you recycled pallet material to build the cages, too. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    1. Briar Rabbtz, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy using free pallets to manufacture things. Someday but not this year, I'll be building a shed at the garden to store my garden tools with pallets. I have a source from an exercise equipment store that has practically an unlimited supply of all different kinds and sizes.

      Have a great Texas day in the garden.

  2. Hi David--I think having some hefty sturdy super tall cages would be great! I started using iron Rose trellises because those skimpy things they sell in the stores were always tipping over when the plants got big.It was maddening.
    Best of luck on your crop. I'm getting cherry types in now, but my big slicers are always a crap shoot---we rarely get them in this short season I have, but I always try.....and every three years or so, I get a few. That's always a treat---and a BLT on the menu that day to celebrate.
    Happy Harvesting