Monday, June 27, 2016

Whoa Summer is here

The weather started out in March being dry and warm.  As April passed, the weather changed over from warm to much cooler and rain started falling.  At the end of May the weather was in full rain mode with a rain storm blowing through almost every night.  Terra Nova Gardens went from being saturated to the point of being difficult to plant the seedlings that were past ready to be planted to hot and dry in June.
The sweet corn fortress was completed.  You can see the  chicken wire fence pattern on the rocks and the electric wire and posts as well.  The first planting of corn is in full tassel and the second bed is about waist high.

A lot of improvements have been made this year.  My garden schedule has become early morning.  Now that summer vacation is here, I can be in the garden by 5:30am and work until 8am.  It's a good solid two hours of gardening.  The raccoons invaded the corn patch early this year so I had to fire up the electric fence much earlier than I expected.
The battery powered fencer packs a good shock.  I haven't personally grabbed the wire but I've seen and heard the snap when it gets too close to the chicken wire fence.  I don't think I want to touch the wire.  If the critters try to climb the fence, their tender under belly will hit the electric wire and their paws will be on the solidly grounded fence.  It will be shocking that's for sure.  There's been no evidence of any critter activity inside the corn  patch since the electric fence has been turned on.  Yea!  Could be there will be sweet corn in the pot by end of July.
The mini water tower has finally been built.  The plans have been roaming around in my mind for a couple years on how I would water everything in the garden.  The barrels are free from where a friend works.  The water comes from the natural spring at Terra Nova Gardens.  Eventually, there will be an automatic irrigation system in place.  Maybe not this year but probably by next year.

There are four empty beds that will just be kept weed free and prepared for planting next year.  The garden construction is mostly completed for this year.   With four to five months left in the garden season, expectations of getting more accomplished are high.

I hope that all your gardens have the rains they need and the sunshine required to grow strong plants.


  1. Wow, David--you've been busy. I sure hope the electric fencing does the job for you. And that water tower--neat!
    You're smart to get out there first thing in the morning. I head to the garden at first light and am always done by 8 as well. You beat the heat and it is so pleasant listening to the early morning sounds.
    I think non-morning people miss out on the best part of the day!
    Have a great week!

  2. While not blogging as much myself either, I see we're both staying busy with garden projects. Hope you get all that good corn. That is some fence. Great idea to make a water tower. We've been fortunate to get ample rain since mid-May. What a difference that is making this year. I can really tell even the trees and shrubs are recovering. Early morning gardening would be great, but my work schedule has me in the garden late afternoon. I just take a lot of tea breaks in the house between little projects. Take care, keep cool and hope the garden continues to do well.

  3. Hi Dave! I haven't seen this old neighborhood since I was a kid! I couldn't believe that it still had gravel roads after 42 year's! What was even more strange was your garden name! My grandmother lived on the corner of 18th and Ogden and my mom, brother and I lived next door for a few years. In those days, my brother was a science fiction nut and nick named me "Tera Nova"! How did you come up with the name for your beautiful garden! It brought tears to my eye's! 💖

    1. Theresa, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog post. I don't blog as much as some other folks do but I just like to keep track of what's going on in my garden for future reference more that any thing. Some day in the future perhaps my grand kids or great grand kids might be interested in what old grand pop used to do, so it would give them a good record of what was my passion.

      Yes, the roads are still gravel and most likely will stay that way until all those folks living there are gone. They just don't like change in that neighborhood.

      I bought this property from the city Website that lists foreclosure properties. It was a mess. It had been a dump site for the neighborhood and was wild with tall nettles, wild grape vines, scrub brush, and rocks. The name Terra Nova came from a science fiction TV show that was on TV at the time I bought the land. I'm sure you know the meaning of Terra Nova. Terra means land or surface and Nova means birth. Together Terra Nova means like terraforming a planet for life to live there. I just thought it would fit the situation for the land. A new birth so to speak.

      I you want to hear more history about the five years that I've been working the garden, send me an email at . I would like to know more history about the area from those that have lived there.

      Nebraska Dave
      Urban Farmer

  4. Thx for responding! I would love to chat about my few years growing up there! My grandmother and grandfather lived on the corner of 18th & Ogden, now vacant but had the best backyard garden in the entire neighborhood! Her cellar was always full with canned pickled beets, pickles, tomatoes, green beans and winter onions. Your garden is amazing and gave me a newfound sense of belonging to a future with a connected past. I look forward to seeing all the beauty of your garden and what life it breeds to a community that has stood still in time!