Monday, March 14, 2016

Gardening Abounds

The weather continues to be favorable to working in the garden.  All last week garden beds have been prepared for planting at Terra Nova Gardens which won't begin for another couple months but it gives the weeds a chance to grow and be eradicated at least three times.  First there's the early broad leaf weeds, then comes the grassy weeds, and finally the bind weed vines.  Once all those have been taken eliminated, the weeds are just a pull here and and tug there for the rest of the year.  When the mowing starts, which seems to be in March this year, that will be used for mulching the beds which will allow the rich nitrogen to sink into the soil before planting.  It's good for the plants and helps keep the weeds down.  Everything is shaping up for a good gardening year.  

The four tomato towers are set in place with room for three more.  This is a test year to see just how they will work and perhaps next year I'll build more with some tweaking of course.  The bed on the right is freshly dug and will be where the green beans will be planted this year.  The bed on the left will be green peppers and the one way in the back by the fence will be cucumbers.

This is one of the beds for the sweet corn fortress.  There's a total of three beds.    They have all been lined with rocks and carpet cut to expose the soil beneath.  The corner posts have been set and as soon as the path mulching is complete, the inside fence building will begin.
After one week of early morning gardening, the garden is starting to shape up.  The bed on the right is the strawberry bed that was devastated last year by the deer.  All but just a hand full of plants were killed by eating the berries and the plants right down to the ground.  I replanted this year with Ever bearing plants.  Half of the sweet corn fortress has been mulched and one more load of mulch will cover the rest.  It's been a good week but daylight savings time and Bradley back to school from Spring break will be killing my early morning gardening at Terra Nova Gardens.  

It's really time to start on my backyard raised beds anyway.  Those four will produce the kitchen table fresh tomatoes, radishes, onions, lettuce, cucumbers, and other salad things.  The rain water catch system has to be set up as well before the April rains begin.  So there's plenty of work to do without being at Terra Nova Gardens.

It's time to get outside and do something.  More about gardening in the next post.  Have a great Spring.


  1. Hi David---yep, it's that busy-busy time of year. And I agree-the time change has really put a wrench into my morning. Oh, if only the clocks were moved the OTHER way this time of year. I don't care if it's light at night---I am such a morning person!
    Love love love the rock edged beds!!!!!!!!
    It's looking great, David.
    Happy Gardening

  2. I always enjoy watching the progress you're making. It's a motivator. Each time I have reservations about the work I have to do in my small garden, I stop and remember those like yourself that have cleared much bigger hurdles. Everything is looking good.

    Here in coastal, southeast Texas, many of our Spring gardens are already in the ground. We have to get a running start before the high heat and humidity take over starting around the middle of May.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to keep us posted, and take care.

    1. BriarRabbtz, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm not ready to put any thing in the ground just yet. In fact, it snowed here today. Just some flurries and nothing really stuck to the ground. It did make for a non gardening day. Since I've finished the mulching in the sweet corn fortress, I'll be getting after the chicken wire fence this next week.

      Have a great Texas day in the garden.

  3. I really like the rock around your beds. Looks good. The weather certainly has been good for garden cleaning lately. I was out a bit today. Searching for some perennial flowers. Found them! Got to be careful when there are plants you want to save in the weeds. Happy garden digging!!

  4. Hello, David. I also like the rock around your beds, and I think the use of discarded carpet to block weeds is genius! I am intrigued by your tomato towers. Thanks for this inspiring glimpse of your garden. Your work ethic is admirable. :)

    1. Jennifer, carpet is free from the apartment dumpsters. I found the best way is to put it top down. Cutting out the centers of the beds is easier with the nap down against the ground. When the mulch is spread out on top of the carpet only about an inch is used. Just enough to cover up the carpet. It works really well. It's been tough to tame this wild piece of land but I think I've finally found the way to do it.

      Have a great day in the garden.

  5. bellissimo lavoro, sei stato veramente bravo
    ciao baccorobby

    1. baccorobby, thanks for your kind words. It's been some hard work but it's coming together nicely.

      baccorobby , grazie per le gentili parole . E 'stato un lavoro duro , ma è venuta insieme piacevolmente .

  6. It all looks great Dave. Let the gardening begin!!
    I build a couple more raised beds here, using old bricks and leftover lumber. I'm trying to grow some spinach in them this spring but they won't be at their best immediately.
    I like how you've covered your walkways with the old carpet so you don't have to worry about weeding them.
    But hey, over on the hill in the woods overlooking your garden I think I see a raccoon with binoculars doing reconnaissance. He seems to be saying something into a walkie-talkie. :)

  7. I haven 't seen tomato towers like those before. I'm excited to see if you like them.