Saturday, January 2, 2016

Time to start those seeds

Thursday December 24
It was looking like Christmas was not going to have snow but starting early this morning, the snow began to fall.  By noon five inches of heavy wet snow was on the driveway and lawn.
The first snow of the Winter is always the best.  It's the first snow since Bradley came back from Texas.  When I was going outside to clear the snow off the driveway, he wanted to know what I was doing.  I told him that I was going to remove the snow from the driveway and sidewalk.  He looked at me sort of weird and said, "What if it snows again?"  With a chuckle I replied, "I'll remove it again."  He was still a little puzzled and said, "Why?"  My response was, "Because it's what we do in Nebraska."  One year staying in Texas and Bradley forgot all about Winters in Nebraska.  He was here for five years before he went to Texas and quickly forgot what Nebraska Winters are like. 

 Saturday January 2

It's time to start thinking about basement seed starting.  Before the tomatoes go into these buckets, I want to plant some radishes and lettuce just to see if I can grow some thing useful in the Winter months.  This will be happening this next week.  I just can't keep my fingers out of the dirt.  The soil is a special mix of two bags of Organic potting mix, one bag of peat moss, one bag of perlite, and a large bag of organic garden soil.  It was all dumped into the wheel barrow that I dug out of snow bank and mixed thoroughly.

Every year Lydia's store discounts all the garden seeds at the end of the garden season.  I have for the last couple years bought them all.  They are good Burpee seeds.  I think there's about 150 packs here.  There's everything from Alyssum to Zucchini and every thing in between.  I've been thinking seriously about growing more flowers in my gardens.  This years seed stash has plenty to grow.

 There was a sale on seed starting cell kits so I bought 10.  The potential is for 720 plants.  I have another 72 left over from last year and another 96 from toilet paper rolls.

Yes, I said toilet paper rolls.  Well the empty cardboard centers.  These trays I can get free from a friend.  I hope to fill this one by April but that's a lot of .... yeah, you know, so I'm not sure it will happen.

Let me know what you're doing during the Winter to satisfy that need to garden.



  1. Seeing your collection of seeds made me think to go and check the fridge shelf - that's where I store my seed collection. I haven't reached "hoarder" status yet, but I'm getting closer. LOL. I have a number of seed packs, many of them flowers, purchased from discount racks. Some of the packs are at least 2 years old. This Spring, I need to reduce my stockpile by spreading the flower seed around the perimeter of my small garden. I'm afraid if I don't, my wife may get tired of seeing the packs and help by depositing some in the "round file". Thanks for the gardening and snow shoveling updates, and best of luck with the seed starting.

    1. BriarRabbtz, glad you could stop by and leave a comment. I too have a drawer full of seeds from years past. I'll have to do some serious seed germination testing to see if they are still viable. Do you have a big garden or small one. I hope and pray you are not in the tornado areas of Texas. I suspect you don't see snow and very little freezing temperatures. I wish you good gardening for 2016.

      Have a great Texas day.

  2. Hi David
    So glad to hear you're thinking of putting more flowers in the vegetable patch. It not only brings in the pollinators, it makes for a really beautiful place to spend the day.
    The only seeds I have started right now are ornamental grasses---they take such a long time to get to a good size. It's not much, but by mid-winter, the gardening bug is starting to "bug me" again-ha ha.
    Hope you have the best garden ever this year. Here's hoping Ma Nature is a bit kinder . I love a challenge, but some of the crazy swings in temps last year provided a bit more "FUN" than I really needed.
    Have a great 2016.

  3. What a beautiful snow you had for Christmas. No white Christmas here and the massive blizzard that was suppose to hit us the weekend after Christmas didn't do anything. Really feel for those in Texas who had the tornadoes and all the flooding in Missouri from that storm.

    Look at all those seed packets. Go for the flowers!!! You and the pollunators will love them. I haven't started gathering seeds yet. The catalogs are arriving daily.

    The toilet paper rolls are new to me. Hope you get everything started well.

    My houseplants got some attention after we took down the Christmas tree. I moved them back by the window again and gave them some water. Hoping my geranium blooms soon.

    Happy New Year!

    1. GonSS, It was a perfect snow for Christmas Day. I have been in tornado zones during my disaster trip days and have seen the despair on the faces of those that have lost every thing. Something most people don't think about is that in many cases the tornado has destroyed where they work as well. So they really don't have any thing.

      Have a great New Year day.

  4. Happy New Year, Dave! So happy that you are getting your hands dirty this winter. Looks like you have a great set-up there.
    How thrilled you must be to have Bradley back home. I hope it's for good.
    Love seeing you on The Maple Hill Hop!

  5. It sounds like you have plenty to do during the winter months. I never gardened much until I moved to New Zealand and now I don't know how I managed without all the planting and weeding and watering!

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