Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let the Gardening Begin

Well, here we are at the end of May and gardening should be going full force.  Rain and cold weather has delayed planting for another week.  I learned last year not to be so anxious to plant.  I do have some things planted like onions, potatoes, lettuce, radishes, and dill weed.  I planted some beans a couple days ago but I suspect they will need replanting if it don't warm up soon.  It's been an extremely bipolar Spring.  March was dry and warm; April was rain with 80 degree days; May has been rain and cool.  I'm cautious about planting too much too fast. 
Here is the third layer ready for planting. The first layer are the large plants and the smaller plants just breaking the soil would be the second layer.  The sprouted plants are setting on the corner of the bed waiting to be planted.

Here we have the third layer planted on May 6th and ready to start the journey toward harvest.  After this planting the rains began and the potatoes grew.
And so four inches of rain later and a few warm days .... boom.... potato ganza (party).  So we will see if it really is a good way to grow potatoes.  It's looking good so far.
The cool weather gave me concern and the portable buckets were kept in where it was warm for the low night time temperatures.  The process of moving plants will soon end .... I hope.  Cabbages were planted today.

Cold and misty rain day brings the projects inside.  The installation of a bathroom mirror and taking some unwanted scrap to the scrap yard.  There's always a project to work on whether it be inside or outside.  Early morning tomorrow will net some serious garden weeding.  Isn't it just so awesome to be back in the garden digging in the dirt?

If you haven't had enough you can see more at:

Behold, my friends, the Spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love.  Sitting Bull


  1. Ha--love the starts in the pickup bed--you can just move it in and out of protection easily!! And my, your taters look terrific!!
    Glad to hear you are at least having rain this year. I wouldn't worry about getting behind in the planting---just remember your old "Up North" bloggy friend here in Michigan. I can't plant until June 7 and I still get a LOT of garden. Usually the only thing I miss out on are tomatoes, but that is because of frost the first week of September. I know you will have a much longer growing period than that, so you should be all good.
    I love to weed EARLY in the morning as well. So pleasant just hearing the birds going about their business and it's nice and cool and usually the wind hasn't started up yet. Very nice indeed!! But then, the neighbor let's her dog out at 8 and bark bark bark.

    Well, enough of my novel-ha ha. Have a wonderful week out in the garden,David!

  2. Looks like you have the plant shuffle down to an art. Those potatoes are very nice looking. I checked out your blog at GRIT. I had missed the EPA results. Glad the soil is good to go for all involved.

  3. Yay for Spring planting! Yes, it is awesome to be in the garden,digging in the dirt. Let the journey toward harvest begin.

    I planted beans weeks ago, but they're not up yet. No rain here all month (less than an inch). I'm looking forward to seeing the bounty of your efforts in a couple of months.

  4. Since we were planning to travel in May I was glad the weather cooperated in April for me to put fencing around my community garden plot and put in seed for parsnip, carrot, summer squash, pole beans, bush beans, cucumber, nasturtiums, and winter squash. I arranged for someone to water while I was gone. We left for the Pacific Coast just two days before the train of storms started rolling through so lack of water was not a problem. Nearly five weeks later I'm home and delighted to see the progress of the plants. There's lots of weeding to be done as soon as things dry out enough for me to get in and spend a day but we're off to a really good start there. A similar situation in the raised beds at home turning the beds in April and putting in potatoes and at the very last minute, tomato seedlings.
    Pat in Lincoln Nebraska

  5. Looking great. Indeed, it is good to be in the garden again!

  6. Hi Dave, I hope all is going well for you and your health this summer. You mentioned in a comment on my blog that your radishes did not do well this year. Mine didn't, either. My potatoes are blooming, too. I don't remember how long after that you can dig potatoes. I'll have to check on that. I picked my first cucumber of the season yesterday.

  7. I had come from your comment on an older post, since I am behind. I just read your comment on my most recent post, because I decided to visit those people, then go see who I missed from the other posts. You mentioned wanting to renovate the flower bed between yours and the neighbors' houses. Spring or fall is easier to do something like that than the heat of summer, but you could start with getting the weeds out, assuming you have some. ;-) Here's a list that may be helpful: