Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Year's end

The year is fast coming to a close and the new year looms on the horizon.  The outside gardens have long since given up their last bit of harvest.  The weather outside is definitely Winter with out first below zero temps for the 2014-2015 Winter season.  Only 79 days until Spring.  What does a garden maniac do during the off season.  Bring the garden inside.  I've been thinking about this for some time

I'm guessing you are thinking that this looks vaguely familiar.  Well it should it's the new growing method you saw in the spring for the outside garden brought inside.  Now all I need is about 45 gallons of soil.  That could be an issue this late in the season.  I'll hang a couple shop lights over the buckets to give the plants plenty of light.  So far I'll be experimenting with lettuce, spinach, radishes, and maybe a chard plant.

Looking back on this year's garden not many things turned out good.  The weather didn't co operate so the tomatoes were late and not as abundant as usual.  The great potato experiment didn't get passed two layers because of my lack of planning and lack of potato seed care.  Bad health allowed the weeds to take over.  Rain, rain, and more rain, didn't let me build much fence so the raccoons stripped the sweet corn .... again.  They do love the sweet corn and are not willing to wait for it to fully mature.  By the time it's mature enough to eat, they have eaten it all.  My only hope is to finish the six foot wooden fence and cover the bottom four feet with chicken wire on the inside.  I've been planning next year's garden with many new innovations as with every year.  

There were a few good things that happened this year.  Another foreclosed property was acquired and plans are in the works for making this property into a neighborhood event property.  The fence line will be planted with flowers in a raised rock edged bed and in the back corner an arch with a bench under the arch will be installed.  That's pretty ambitious so it may not be completed in one year.  My plan is to get the rock edged flower bed finished.  There's much work to complete on the two garden properties.

I did get four more fence panels up which leaves 8 panels left to completely close in the main garden area.  These are along the back part of the garden.  I suspect it's where all those pesky raccoons come sneaking in during the dark of the night.

A raised planter bed about 20 feet long by the parking area of Terra Nova Gardens will be planted with some kind of perennial flowers but definitely not day lilies.  I'm sick of wild day lilies.  Terra Nova Gardens was infested with them and it's taken a couple years to bring them under control.

So as the New Year rings in, there's plenty to do, plenty of new ideas, and plenty that won't get done. It's just the way of gardening.

Happy New Year to all and to all "Live long and prosper".  (Spock from Star Trek)


  1. Love hearing of your exploits!! God bless you Dave and praying healing and restored health for you.

  2. I'm planning that the cold and snow are working some magic in my community garden bed here in Lincoln. Plan is for a rabbit fence to go up in April so I can plant seeds the first of May before I take off to California for most of May. With luck May rain will take care of things until I get back. Next supper I want to be the one eating broccoli and peas, etc.
    Pat in Nebraska

    1. Etienette, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We getting some major cold and a little bit of snow now, aren't we. I'm sure your plan will work to plant seeds and be gone for a month. Unfortunately that plan will let the weeds grow for a month too. The weeds seem to survive the harshest of conditions, don't they. Good luck with your gardening in 2015.

      Have a great new year.

  3. Always love to hear of other's plans for the upcoming gardening year. 79 days sounds like a long time, but time has a way of zipping along and you'll be outside again soon enough. This is the time to recuperate and plan.

    A very very Happy New Year to you.

  4. Happy gardening in 2015 Dave! I've been thinking a lot about this year's gardens too. Can't wait to see what nature has in store for us this year.

    I've read accounts of people gardening in 5 gallon buckets like that, and they're able to get a lot of great production out of them. I hope you're enjoying fresh salads before spring!

    All best wishes for a very happy New Year.

  5. Hi Dave, How are your buckets coming along? I hope your strength returns and you have the energy to get your projects worked on.

    I got a small area of lettuce, spinach, and radishes planted on one of those warmer days last week. I don't even try to grow corn, and am giving up on sunflowers, too. The squirrels eat them before they ripen as well.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my last post!