Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter arrives with a cold blast

The gorgeous long lasting fall color is definitely over.  Frigid wind chill temperatures dropping down below zero and a two inch dusting of snow marked the beginning of the winter season.  Even though the official winter date is a month away, winter is here to stay.  The ten day forecast is for more of the same.  It's time to stay inside and work on those unfinished projects from last winter. 

Even though it looks like January it's only the middle of November.  The garden is in the slumber mode as the temperatures drop and the blanket of snow covers it all up.  Gardening is done for this season and reflection on how things went for this year begin as the planning stage for next year comes to mind.  I'm kind of looking forward to Winter this year.  It's a time of resting and planning for the next year's gardening.  Inside projects are continued from last year.  The basement reclaiming still needs work.  The seed starting area needs to be made ready for February seed starting.  It might be expanded as the area became a bit crowded last year.  Some more shelves in the food storage area could be installed.  There's plenty of things to do even if outside projects are done for the year.
I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is upon us and quickly to follow is Christmas.  No longer having Bradley in the household has changed the dynamics of the holiday season.  In stead of the hustle and bustle of morning breakfasts and getting ready for school, the house remains quiet and calm.  Gone are the days of school activities and friends over to build space ships with Legos or save the world on the Xbox.  Gone are the days with Bradley and friends saving the neighborhood with super hero powers.  It's funny how some of the most irritating things can become what is missed the most.  Toys strewn on the floor were always found by my tender feet.  Now I kind of wish I couldn't find one just for old times sake.  Life moves on and so Bradley has moved on into a life of Dad, brothers, sister, stepmom, and grandma.

Here's hoping that the Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be a wonderful time filled with joy and happiness for us all.   I'm certainly praying that all health issues are done and only health filled days are ahead.

Let us not grow weary of doing good.  For at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. It is almost Thanksgiving time. We should get a little more to normal temperature wise next week. The garden is asleep. I'm a tad worried about some trees and shrubs that hadn't dropped their leaves yet. Sure hope they were asleep enough not to have a problem with the cold. Take care and happy planning for the next garden!

  2. Wow, that snow is amazing! We will be getting temps in the 40's this week, and that's cold enough for me, thank you very much.
    So sorry your heart is missing your boy, I can't imagine...
    Blessings to you this Thanksgiving. I am always so happy to see you visit my blog. Eat a drumstick for me!

  3. Envious. We hope to dip down into the 60s this week. Sadly, no rain.

  4. After the record cold we've been having, today's forecast calls for a high of 72! That is close to a record high! Weather is a strange thing sometimes.

    A blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you Dave (and to your resting gardens).

  5. How on earth did I miss this post???
    Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, though I'm sure it wasn't the same without your grandson. I hope you got to at least talk to him on the phone or Skype. It's important to maintain those relationships, no matter how far the miles between you. I've begun a monthly "care package" to my own grandson in Arizona.......just silly little things like stickers or candy or a book. Just so he doesn't forget his "Oma" so far away in Michigan.
    And on a bright note (for gardeners!!)---I got the first seed catalog two days ago----wow--they even managed to top last years "early" shipping!!
    Have a wonderful week, David