Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer cleaning & other good stuff

This week as been different kind of week.  When I took Bradley, my grandson, to Oklahoma city to meet his Dad for the summer visit, I came up close and personal with one of Kansas' finest deer.  Punched him/her dead center and then ran over the lifeless creature.  Fortunately my truck sits up high and nothing vital was broken.  Upon returning home and taking my truck to the body shop, I found out that because of a spring time hail storm they were still booked six weeks out.  My truck, lovingly named "Ricky", has finally been taken to the shop to have the damage repaired.  Six days without a truck to haul things is an eternity.  Once I got used to having a truck, it's now difficult to get along without one.

So this week has been dedicated to doing those things on the ToDo list that just never seem to get to the To Done list.

Why, you might ask, am I showing you a picture of the inside of my refrigerator.  Cleaning out the refrigerator has been on the ToDo list so long I forget when I ever put it on the list.  You will have to imagine what the inside of a neglected bachelor's refrigerator would look like because  I'm not showing you a picture of that but let's just say it wasn't pretty.  Ziploc clear plastic containers are a bachelor's friend.  When cleaning out the refrigerator, if the contents of a container can't be recognized, the whole thing is pitched in the trash.  In some cases there's a high possibility that a new life form has been cultured from weeks and months of incubation.  Things seem to get lost in the back of the refrigerator shelves and have babies.  Anyone else have that problem?
In the last post I showed the platform for development of the natural spring at Terra Nova Gardens.  I had two bridge supports for each side of the platform in place.  Two of these railroad ties will be placed between the bridge supports to make for a very solid support for the platform.  These ties were from Craig's list and for free.  My favorite price.  Much work is needed before the ties are placed and covered with a platform.  That's the last thing of the spring development.
One more panel to install and the south side will be completed.  Then the back side will be under construction and hopefully will be finished in due time before the sweet corn, what there is, ripens.  I will be needing two more fence panels but the fence company has a huge pile this time of the year.  I may get some extras just in case repairs are ever needed. 
Ha, yeah, as you can see the weeds are still kind of out of control.  I kind of gave up for a while this year and am working on the fencing.
This is a bottle of wine that I sealed up in 1973 when I made many bottles of wine.  It has survived three moves and was tucked away in the food storage room area before is was cleaned out.  When I found it I said I would open and enjoy the contents when the food storage room was finished.  It has been a year since that happened and so it was time to see if it had turned to vinegar or if it was well matured wine.  It was very clear and had a nice smell.  Yeah, you can tell I'm really not a connoisseur.  Any way it turned out to be gag me sweet but just this little glass made me a little light headed so I guess it has some alcohol content to it as well.  Yeah, I'm not a drinker either. I might have to use it in a cooler or something to cut down the sweet.  I'm just amazed it's still drinkable after 41 years.  I was only 25 when I bottled this thing up.  A lot of life has happened since then.
Of course other people's projects are in the mix as well.  Any time I get to use my chainsaw is a good day.  My cousin never fails to give me a good day.  This tree branch fell off a monster cottonwood tree that must measure at least five foot in diameter.  The branch fell and wedged up against a small tree.  The challenge here is that there is a nearly 45 degree bank under the branch that ends in about a 10 foot deep ravine with standing water.  Nothing like a good challenge.  Another cousin of mine chose to help with support and brush piling which is a big help and is just plain a safety factor.  It's never a good idea for an amateur to play with a chainsaw alone.  It took about 1 1/2 hours to cut and pile it up.  Then it was on to grass mowing.
Yes, the grass .... well the green stuff .... has been mowed and the edges have been trimmed.  I would hardly call what's growing there grass but it sure does look nice after it's mowed.  This is the newest property I bought and will be getting deed any day now.  The city accepted my bid over 60 days ago which is the required waiting period for the owners to respond before they give me a free and clear deed.  The two houses in the picture were for sale but have been purchased and will become rentals after complete renovation.  Three days were spent digging and chopping out tree stumps that were allowed to sprout up every year in the chain link fence.  It was three hot sweaty days but they will never sprout up again with the stump and roots removed.  My thought is eventually to have flowers all along that back fence and maybe an arch with climbing flowering vines over a bench to sit on in the back corner of the yard.  On August 5th, this property will be used for the National Night Out observance.  It will be quite a deal with the neighborhood from what I understand.  The street will be blocked off and all residents will be invited to a block party.  The first of many neighborhood events on my property I hope.
That's it for now.  I hope all is well with everyone and life is good.  Just another wonderful day in the neighborhood.




  1. Wow-David, you have no shortage of projects. Congrats on obtaining the new property. I hope there is a great turnout for the block party. Funny how common those used to be, but now everyone is so busy, it HAS to be scheduled or it just doesn't happen.

    The rule in my house is the fridge gets cleaned out the day before "grocery day". I make a meal of all leftovers. Sometimes there's only a tiny bit of this or that, but it adds up to one fine meal--sort of "interesting"-ha ha.

    Hope you get the fence done in time. You'll want to keep that corn safe!
    Have a wonderful week
    : )

  2. So sorry you hit a deer. We've done that too. No fun! Glad you were OK and could still run the truck.
    You are getting to those projects I see. Interesting about finding the wine. A little flash back in time.
    Sounds like your new property already has big plans on its social calendar!

  3. You think your weeds are out of control? You should see some of our gardens. The grass is waist high in our watermelon garden. I'll be having to find them this year by feeling around with my foot!

    Amazing that you kept the wine that long and that it's still drinkable. And now you get to enjoy the labor of your youth. :)

  4. Grass?! Here in California, we are encouraged to do away with lawns. I'm all for it. Too hard to grow.