Monday, March 10, 2014

This is torture weather 
Why you might say is this 70 degree weather torture?  This is the time of year when I really want to start digging in the dirt but the ground has not thawed out enough to start working the soil.  Today was a balmy 74 degrees.  It was awesome to be outside in a t-shirt once again.  Can anyone else say goodbye to below zero weather with me?  I'm not saying we have seen the end of cold days but I am declaring the end of below zero for this winter season.   Tomorrow is high of 45 with rain.  That's pretty typical for March in Nebraska.  I'll take all the 45 degree rain old Ma Nature will give.  It will help to thaw out the garden beds.
I took a trip out to Terra Nova Gardens just to walk the land and get a grip on the 2014 garden projects.  I have on the list to develop the Spring, finish building the fence, and start with the water storage.  I have changed my mind about water storage barrels up on the hill and have decided to put the barrels inside the fence elevated about three to four feet above the ground at strategic places.

Here's what I call my balanced meal.  On the left is tomato soup made tomatoes harvested from Terra Nova Gardens and processed in the Urban Ranch's kitchen.  On the right is totally Walmart with bread containing unpronounceable ingredients and cheese food product.  It's a balanced meal because one is healthy and the other .... well not so much.  I'm still working on eating better.  As my garden harvests increase so will my healthy eating habits.  I hope.
Still cleaning out the basement and finding things from the past.  How about this one.
Yeah, anyone remember  this.  At one time there must have been millions if not billions of these manufactured.  A display was on every check out counter in the country trying to draw you in to the big new digital world.  Apparently, I picked up one but I never went the AOL dialup route.  I went with a service provider called Juno which I still have today with my original e-mail address.  Of course I've climbed up into the new century with Internet service and wireless in the house.
I call these my little shamrocks.  They kind of do look like little four leaf clovers.  They are the cabbages that I started a couple weeks ago.  I started them in a flat and transplanted them into the plastic cups.  I'm hoping to get them outside in a couple more weeks.  The onions are still coming on strong and are about six inches high and starting to add a second stalk.  I am hoping to get them out in the garden as well before April 15th when my warm weather seeds need to be started.  I never thought I would be running out of space under the grow lights and may have to figure out a way to expand the seed starting station.

 I'm always scouting the city foreclosure website for cheap properties.  This corner lot measures 44 X 60 feet and comes with a price tag of $100.  The two houses next to it are for sale and the house across the street to the right has a yellow sign stuck on one of the windows.  That usually means it's got issues.  I thought this would be a good garden space but of a different kind.  It would be more bushes, flowers, and landscape.  I don't want to get to wild but maybe just beautify the corner some.

Things that I've learned from my previous purchase would put the development out about two years or more.  First the EPA would be contacted about lead testing before doing any work.  Then the utilities would be located because I'm sure there are some on this property because a house was once on the lot.

Speaking of the EPA.  I found a website that listed all the properties in the city and indicated which lots have been tested for lead and which ones didn't need the soil removed.  All the properties that have been tested that surround Terra Nova Gardens for a block in every direction hasn't needed to have the soil removed so I'm really hoping that the soil at Terra Nova won't have to be replaced.  I haven't heard any word from them but I'm moving forward with planting and hoping for the best this Spring.

I hope all is well with everyone and until the next time remember "Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, and snow is exhilarating.  There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."


  1. 70??????????????
    I was impressed with 50 that we had here. Of course, the snow was so deep in the yard that I couldn't wade around and do a thing, but just sitting in that sun was heavenly.

    The seedlings look healthy----the cheese sandwich--well, not good. Baking bread is easy peasy, David---you really have to give it a try. But perhaps that grandson won't like it as much as the "squishy" bread. For some reason, all kids LOVE white sandwich bread. When I was a kid , I'd BEG mom for some Wonder bread. Eating that, it's a "Wonder" we grew up-LOL!
    Have a great day and enjoy your warm-up

  2. March is a crazy weather month for us too. Funny about the AOL disc. Have tossed a lot of those. They keep showing up in weird places.
    Nice that your city is able to share the lead testing with the public. That helps a lot of people. I hope your garden is clear. What a dream to beautify lots that are available. My husband and I always joke we'll buy our neighbor's big corner lot one day where nothing is planted and fill it with trees!
    Super windy here today. Hoping some moisture comes. Love those cabbages. They look great.

  3. David,
    Glad to find another guy gardening in the midwest. Greetings from Kansas City. How exciting to consider land grabbing in your area. Would give you plenty to muse about. Good luck with your efforts.

    1. Patrick thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. As you probably know gardening is always a challenge in the Midwest specially during the Spring months. As far as land grabbing it just seemed like the thing to do to keep the weeds down and my get a little extra produce but really it's just to feed the local wild animals.

      Have a great day in your garden.

  4. That tomato soup and grilled cheese brought back memories of childhood. I still eat them from time to time, but as a girl, ate them much more often. How cool to have it from your garden tomatoes!

    I am looking forward to seeing how your onions do. Someone in Lincoln was talking about starting some from seed. All these years of gardening, and I didn't know that could be done in one season.

    I wonder when you are going to hear from the EPA. It would be nice to know whether you have lead or not.

    I hope we get some moisture pretty soon. It is so dry!

  5. $100 for a nice garden spot like that seems like a good deal. Maybe some of the folks who are beneficiaries of Terra Nova could kick in few dollars to make that happen. It looks like real nice place for flowers and fruit trees. :)

  6. Go on, buy it. Plant apple trees on it and put up a sign saying 'Help Yourselves'. In a few years you'll be known as the local benefactor, and they'll name a wing at the hospital after you!

  7. Dave, I will send you some of my 79 degree rain from the Caribbean. Wish you a rich growing season.