Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall is in the air  
Summer is definitely over and fall has arrived.  Colder temperatures have caused the garden to come to a screeching halt.  A tomato snagged here and there is a great treat now but I suspect that will be ending soon.  I have removed the plants from Terra Nova Garden and cleaned up most of the garden in preparation of the great mulch capper to begin.  As you recall from last year, I netted close to 600 bags of leaf/grass yard waste mixture for garden mulch.  I hope to beat the count for this year.  It worked great last year and the weed problem was practically nil.
Autumn is a time of year when soup warms the kitchen and the tummy;  hot chocolate becomes the drink of choice over lemonade; and baking infuses wonderful smells through out the house.  The fall leaf pile jumping competition entertains all the kids in the neighborhood.  It's a wonderful time of the year when eggnog once again can be found on the store shelves and thoughts continually wander toward winter comfort foods.
My favorite spot to enjoy fall is on the poor man's living patio with Folger's in my cup.  This is the last dying breath of beauty for the patio.  Soon the plants will be in the compost and once again winter's slumber will be upon us.  Summer has passed by way too fast this year.  I feel a little like the cold wet Spring robbed me of a portion of my favorite season.
The fence repair continues.  Most of the fence has been repaired except for a few missing slats and some rubble cleanup.  It has been a challenging task for sure.  This area will look allot better when I get it mulched.  I'm still hoping to get the fence completed before the ground gets too hard to dig post holes. Some how this month just slipped away very quickly.
Wonderful presents like this just show up on the patio from time to time.  All the flowers you see on the wall in the back ground were donated from some one I helped move.  One can never have too many plant supports or potted flowers.

Wishing all a wonderful fall season.