Monday, September 30, 2013

From Rubble to Resurrection  
Summer just won't give it up.  Well at least during the day time hours.  Still we are enjoying the 80 degree temperatures during the day but hearing the furnace kick on during the night time 40s.  With the first frost date only a couple weeks away, the garden is showing signs of being done for this year.  I for one am always glad to see the garden begin to go dormant.  It's time for the long winter slumber.  Yeah, right.  It's only time to turn toward the inside projects for the winter months.  This year it will be to continue to work on the basement.  The food storage room is done so now the rest of the basement will be tackled.  Since most of the stuff has resided there for over 10 years without being touched, I really think I probably don't really need it any more.  It would be nice if it became a game room for Bradley and neighborhood kids.  I know he would like that.
Work has continued on the reconstruction of the fence at Terra Nova. The three graphic panels have been restored after much gluing and clamping.  It looks pretty good from across the street and in the shade, doesn't it?  Those panels have a lot cracks, missing chunks, and crinkles when a close look is taken.  That's much like me. The panels stand once again has a memorial that no matter how bad things look, it can be better.  Never give up.  Defeat happens only when hope is lost.
In the middle of all the destruction, a Rugosa Rose blooms.  The bushes that I planted had many deaths among their ranks, but this one is alive and well. I ordered and planted enough to be able to transplant some of the others to fill in the gaps.  Now that the rail fence is gone the rose bushes will be more important to block the road from the garden.  My hope is that in about two or three years the garden fence will be blocked all together.
This last week was a special week.  Lydia, Bradley, and I flew to Las Vegas to attend my oldest grand daughter's wedding.  We had a great time with the culmination of the whole weekend being the ceremony at the Mt. Charles resort.  It was about an hour from Las Vegas in the foot hills of the mountains around the town.
One of the things we did while in Las Vegas was to go to the bridge across the Colorado river.  It was built after 9-11-2001 to keep traffic from having to cross the Hover Dam.  On the dam side of the bridge is a walk way that goes the length of the dam.  It has 69 steps up to the bridge from the parking lot and is maybe a half mile long.  My sister, Pam, Bradley, and I walked the whole length of the bridge.  It was a great adventure.
One of the favorite things to do when visiting Las Vegas is to feed the fish at the Marina.  These are huge carp fish and now a few wiper fish.  Stale bread is the best thing to use to feed the fish.  Once the word goes out that it's feeding time the fish literally fight over bread.
This is some serious fish feeding.  Can you tell that these fish are fed frequently?  It's another great adventure time for an eight year old boy. 

Have a great adventurous day.



  1. lol...I know what you mean about summer just keeps on going. I am canning more tomatoes tonight. Lots of pickles this year. This past Sunday I taught my second class on pressure canning. We were blessed to have a microbiologist attend. He gave us info on botulism. As long as you pressure can fresh, clean veggies, you shouldn't have to worry about any nasties. I plan to can more chicken in the next week or so. I can as much beef as I can when I find it on special.
    I have found that it is a huge time and space saver to dehydrate tomatoes and grind them into tomato powder. I am dehydrating potatoes, button mushrooms, and bell peppers too. I really enjoy hearing about your doings. Have a good night :D

  2. Congrats to your granddaughter on her wedding......she looks beautiful and very happy!!
    I'm glad the garden season is done up here. At times , I'm envious of those with long seasons--but in reality , I don't think I could last much longer than the 3 months I get!
    Glad to see the fence all in good repair.....I hope it stands for many years!---Perhaps you need to put a few concrete pylons out there to prevent another disaster with it!

  3. The fence looks good and yes, there are always more projects aren't there.
    May get a frost this weekend here too. Can't believe the warm days. Hard to realize it is October.
    Looks like a great trip for everyone. Beautiful couple dancing!

  4. Hi Dave, It sounds like you had a great time at your granddaughter's wedding. Wow, what a bunch of huge carp!

    I'm glad your fence got repaired. I hope you are able to find time to get out in the garden more soon. I've had some things keeping me out, too, and tomorrow I was looking forward to getting out there, but at the last minute, am going to watch our 2 year old grandson because his eczema got infected, and he can't go to daycare. Well, I have Thursday and Friday off, so hopefully, he will be well enough to go to daycare, and I can get some gardening done.

  5. I think when we were there when I was a kid we fed them popcorn. Big fish. Just a swirling mass of bodies. Fascinating to watch. The fence looks good. It has a little bit more character now. Good work!