Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fence Reconstruction  
Finally the cool September weather has arrived.  Seventies and eighties during the day make outside activities sweet.  Those fifties and sixties at night are awesome for sleeping with windows open.  Hopefully, the cooler weather will continue.
 Broken post stump removal has been a difficult task and took upward of three days to remove the five broken post bottoms.  I really didn't plan on having to dig up and remove the posts so I concreted them in the ground really good.  They certainly would have held up to strong winds but a big white van was just too much.
Yea, one down and four more to go.  Since I don't have hydraulics, good old farm physics helped with pulling the concrete up out of the ground.  A couple of the posts were a bit of a struggle.

 This little chunk is one of the first two posts that was planted in the ground.  I kind of over engineered it just  little.  Two bags of Quickcrete was a little much.  I definitely accomplished keeping the post from blowing over in a wind storm.  This chunk probably weighs close to 200 pounds.  Later posts only had one bag which was not only cheaper but easier to pull out of the ground.  This one really taxed my limits as far as strength goes.  I'm just not as strong as I used to be.
 A decision was made to fix this one so as not to have to dig it out. 
 Some more farm low tech engineering, helped hold the post together while screws were used to stabilize the post.  Four screws on each side did the trick and the post is as good as new.   I'm still considering maybe attaching one of the short broken posts on the side of this post for more stability but I'm learning that fence posts don't have to be that strong to survive.
The tomatoes continue to bury me.  The plants that produced tomatoes were grown from tiny little seeds under the grow lights.  It's really the first time I've ever been able to do that.  People are starting to stop by Terra Nova Gardens and ask for tomatoes.  The taste of these are tremendous.  I'm definitely going to grow these again next year.  They aren't really big tomato plants but they are loaded with tomatoes.  There's a day of canning in the near future.
This is one of the boards that need to be put back together.  A little Elmer's wood glue and a little time and the board will be good as new only with age wrinkles.  Kind of like me.
Well, that's it for this week.  The backyard hay field is calling me to do a mow down so until the next time be careful because I'd like to hear from you again.


  1. I hear you on removing old cement from the ground. My husband and I had to remove a few fence posts from our yard and it was a doozy!

    Good looking tomatoes!

  2. Please take it easy on the posts, Dave. My days of digging things out of the ground are pretty much done. D and I dug up a maple so I could replace it with a better larger shade tree and that really did us both in. We also got a tree through a grant from the city to place trees and it was a red maple and the hole digging was a bugger for D, we are not young anymore to dig holes or dig up.
    I'm afraid that I would of been po'd about the fence. I would of made the moron who took it out do the work, maybe he wouldn't pull that stunt again. /:=(
    I am canning tomatoes now too. I think that by the end of the month, they will be done and I can pull them up. They are starting to dry up on the bottoms and look pretty sad. It was not a great year for them, but they turned out great anyway. I am going to try some different varieties next year. This year, I just grabbed what I could find, and next year, I will start some from seed since I have a garage and will be able to apply some heat and get better results. I am hoping to re-start up my herb business and go on with that, since I have some room now and no one telling me I can't do anything with my garden.
    Take care and please don't be silly with digging and hurt your back. I have a back that is fused from too much lifting when I was young and now I pay for it daily.
    Take care and have a great week.

  3. Hi David
    Too bad the folks that mowed down the fence didn't have to FIX the fence themselves. Looks like you did too good of a job cementing in those posts. That will teach you to do a good job-haha.

    The tomatoes look so nice all lined up ready to be canned.
    We got our first frost last night--which was fine--the garden is all harvested. I did cover my precious Brandywine tomato, just in case she decides to give me one or two more ripe ones. I also picked a couple green ones to ripen in the house in case she doesn't!
    Have a great week!

  4. That's some serious work going on at Terra Nova. Kudos on the tomato harvest!

    I'm not envious of the digging out those posts, but I have to admit your weather has me a little green. I got a little heat exhaustion on Saturday getting my new raised beds set up with dirt. Still getting over 100 here. The nights are in the 70s now, which is nice. 100 degrees at 10pm gets old really fast.

    1. Jones, the worst is over. All the stubs are out of the ground. Now the holes need filled and tamped down solid so I can dig some post holes again. I have two graphic panels ready. The last one will take a little more work. I'll be out of town for a week so the weather should be cooler by the time I get back to it. I am going to my grand daughter's wedding in a lodge at Mt. St. Charles near Las Vegas. I have allot of family living in or near Las Vegas so it should a great time.

      Have a great day in the garden.

  5. Love this September weather! Also glad the rain's finally done. We are sleeping with the windows open, too, enjoying the coolness. Home canned tomato sauce is the best!

  6. Oh my gosh! Just read about the fence at Terra Nova Gardens. That's just crazy. So glad you were able to put it all back together. An effective way to learn that one bag of quick crete is enough! Sounds like you have a good neighborhood there that enjoys your garden.

    Lots of tomatoes. You're going to be Tomato Dave.

  7. I don't envy you having to dig out all those posts -- what a job. But you're like my hubby and you're up to the task, poo-poo how old we are getting, LOL. Although we do need to be careful and not tax ourselves TOO much. I'm sure you know your limits. I am sorry that someone busted your fence all up - that truly is a shame. Makes so much extra work for you.

    Love all the tomatoes you are getting - they look beautiful. I have to say it's been a pretty good year for gardens/crops here in the heartland - no drought like we've had for the last 2 years! We've had a good bounty ourselves.

    Hope you're enjoying (or enjoyed!) your time near Las Vegas - sounds like fun!