Saturday, September 7, 2013

Excitement at Terra Nova Gardens 
September gave us a small break from the hot weather then back into the sweltering middle and upper 90s.  A couple days ago we were blessed with a quarter inch of rain which is good but we really need a good soaker to moisten up the top soil.  Hopefully we will be getting more before the month's end.
On Labor Day news of an exciting event at Terra Nova was received from my neighbor that has potatoes planted there.  Apparently Bobcat Larry had called and told him that  someone had smashed through my garden fence.

 A big white van came roaring down the gravel road in front of the garden and lost control.  It tipped over on the driver side and slid through the rail fence and smashed into the wooden fence.  The neighbors in the area said it made a terrible noise that immediately caught their attention.  A fire truck, rescue squad, and police cars came to scene with lots of flashing lights.  This happened right after dark at about 9:30pm, so the effect was awesome.  The neighbor directly across the street made the 911 call and said that he had talked with the driver of the van.  At that time it didn't seem that he was hurt much but the rescue squad did take him to the hospital.  I'm very glad that he didn't get hurt too bad.
 The neighbors around the garden were actually more upset about the ordeal than me and encouraged me to pursue action against the driver.  I kind of look at this whole garden thing as an adventure with advances and set backs.  I'm not going to do that.  It's just a bunch of  sticks and wood that can be fixed.  This is a great challenge to piece the panels back together again.  They won't look quite as pretty as before but will have a weathered look with a story that will be remembered by the entire neighborhood. 
My grandson has the greatest humor ever.  I showed him the above picture and told him what had happened.  His comment was, "Hmmmm, I guess they didn't see the NO TRESSPASSING sign, huh."  He's only eight years old but I guess hanging around grandpa has rubbed off just a little.
This panel went back together fairly well.  I put three new backbone 2x4s that run the horizontal length of the panel right next to the broken ones and screwed them together for support.  Then the puzzle was put together by finding the right boards that made up the panel.  The missing board was shattered into three pieces and is in process of being glued back together.  It will be put in place on the next garden work day some time next week.  The other panel is busted up a little more than this one so it may require some small board replacements but I think it will turn just great. The posts that were broke off level with the ground will be a big task to get out of the ground for replacement posts.  Each of those posts have about 100 pounds of concrete wrapped around the bottom two feet.  Maybe I can get Bobcat Larry to help pull them out with his skid loader. 
I never knew that gardening could be this  exciting. So until next time reconstruction continues.  Have a great day no matter what you're doing.


  1. Oh, David, so sorry about your fence. But, like you said, you'll have a story to tell with that one. Of all the places for that van to go out of control!! Well, you have a great attitude about it. I'm sure you'll get the fence good as new.
    We've had a few nights CLOSE to frost. I love September's cooler days--makes it easier to deal with garden harvests. It's 4 am and I'm brewing up applesauce now , so I have time to deal with carrots all day. The freezer overflows!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. It's also great to see someone put difficult/frustrating situations into a positive perspective. If more people managed to do that, we'd all be a little better off.

    1. BriarRabbtz, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always wondered who from Orange Texas had an interest in reading my blog. I was in Orange a couple times with a work group from Kansas. We helped to rewire a church in Orange after the hurricane flooded the church some years ago. It seemed to be a very nice and people there were great.

      I'm glad you enjoy reading about life adventures of this old Nebraska boy. I've been through many disasters in life. When it's all put in perspective having a fence destroyed is almost not on the list. I just have always liked challenges and this is one that will certainly test my abilities

      Have a great day.

  3. Wow! Glad you weren't down there working in the garden when it happened, that would have been awful. So glad nobody was seriously hurt... well, except the fence, but it looks like that is going back together nicely. Maybe you should put up a sign that says, "CAUTION! Terra Nova ahead!" That might make people think just enough that they slow down a little. :)

    Stay safe!

    1. Jones, yeah, being there would have been scary. I usually stop and watch for cars when I hear them coming down the road. Being a gravel road helps with that. I like to wave and they always wave back at the crazy old coot that is trying make a garden work in a place rich with wild life. Many times they will stop and talk for a spell so there are days when more talking gets done than work. Just the way I like it. I've only been there for two years but most of the people in the neighborhood know me and I know some.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. My goodness! Yes, it is a good thing you weren't there working. While it is nice of you not to try to get reimbursement from the person who crashed into your fence, have you thought of trying to get them to help you finish the repairs? If they had any sense of responsibility, they would be willing to do that. Plus, they should be grateful you are not seeking financial compensation.

  5. Dave, you're a good man, and an example to all of us. What a great attitude to have. I have had local ranchers' range cows plow through my fences and demolish my stores of hay on numerous occasions, with no financial recourse, because by law, the cows have the right to my hay if my fence is not "just so". I have learned to take these things in stride, and deal with my end.