Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Year of no Spring  
The temperature topped out at 100 degrees today.  The average temperature for today was 74.  We had to have broken some kind of record for today.  I can't remember it ever being this warm so early in the season.  The rest of the week is 80s during the day and 60s at night with more rain.

I have been spending time at Terra Nova Gardens building fences.
The first two panels are set in place and secured to the posts.  Two more panels will be set in place to finish this 30 foot section of fence.  Then another 30 foot section will be set in place at a right angle to this side.  Another 30 feet will finish this fenced in section.   The last two sides will not be painted or decorated.  They should go much faster than the first four panels.  That will make 1800 square feet of fenced in garden space.  Twenty one Rugosa Rose bushes will be planted between the rail fence and the wooden/wire fence.  They will be spaced to grow into a tight thorny hedge. 
Last year I had trouble with wild turkeys scratching my seed out of the ground.  This year I bought some light garden fence that I laid down flat on the ground.  The fence is four foot wide and twenty five feet long.  It's pinned down to the ground so it can't move around.  The fence wire spacing was 2 inches by 4 inches.  The foot mulch layer that I laid down last fall has mushed down to about 3 inches and has smothered out all but the toughest of weeds.  Holes punched in the mulch down to the dirt below were filled up with dirt and a sweet corn seed was planted in the pocket of dirt.  Staggering the corn rows one foot apart allowed for 95 seeds to be planted in the 4X25 foot wide bed.  One bed is planted with three more to go in this 900 square foot area.
Another issue with the turkeys last year was picking at the young sprouts.  This year the sprouting plants will be covered with netting until they are about two feet tall.  The turkeys seemed to lose interest after the corn stalks reached that height. 
Then the next issue will be at harvest time.  Hopefully, at that time the wooden fence will be finished to keep out any night time critters.  That's the grand plan anyway.  So I'll just have to keep on trucking and see how far I get this year.
Outside of the fence will be more corn, some squash, potatoes, and a few watermelons.  The critters seemed to leave the vining plants alone last year and the corn outside the fence is for them to enjoy.
Inside the wire fence will be the usual tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, green peppers, and cucumbers.  A few of the seedlings of cabbage and broccoli will be planted but I just don't think with the hot 80 degree weather they will do so good.  I'll give it another try in the fall.
Have a great day in the garden and let me know how your garden is growing.


  1. What an ambitious project--trying to keep out the wildlife. It's always a struggle, isn't it? But, if you manage a crop of corn, it's so worth the effort.

    We've had no spring either, but in a different way. We had SNOW all last weekend. It didn't affect me, as we don't plant until June 1 anyway, but how frustrating to be so far behind in prep work already. I don't feel as if I'll ever catch up with all the delays.

    Best of luck to you this gardening season. And don't forget some pictures. We LOVE pictures!!!

  2. 1800 square feet of garden! Nice! I have less than 450 and it keeps me busy in the mornings. I had to pry some of my lower hanging corn leaves from the jaws of the watermelon vines this morning. Those things have a mind of their own! My tomato jungle is about 6 feet tall now (I have to plant densely to help keep the sun from drying them out). We've been eating zucchini and squash with more coming every day. Cucumbers are doing good and I'm looking for a good recipe for making dill pickles. Tons of other stuff growing but not producing yet. I have no idea how you keep up with 1800 square feet!

    1. Keith, 1800 square feet of garden space seems like allot but when things like sweet corn, pumpkins, watermelon, squash, and potatoes are planted, it is used up fast.

      Wow, I'm just thinking about planting tomatoes and you are already thinking about harvesting them. In order to circumvent the life cycle of the squash vine borer, I don't plant zucchini until around the 4th of July. They don't seem to bother eggplant or cucumbers. Anyway, there's still much planting to do.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Wow, by July our squash and zucchini stop producing for a while because of the crazy heat. It is convenient though. In the afternoon the leaves wilt so much that you can harvest a lot easier. They all seem to bounce back when the sun goes down. Kind of weird here in AZ.

  4. 100 degrees. Noooo.
    It's been very warm here to but cooler a this moment as we were just cleared from a tornado warning. Just some hail here but the garden looks fine.
    The Terra Nova sign/fence looks good!!
    I hope all your new tricks keep the turkeys from stunting your garden. Cool to have the turkeys but not to have them cause such problems.

  5. Dave! Where are you? Haven't seen a post. I know Terra Nova has to be springing forth like crazy. Would love to see some pictures!