Sunday, April 21, 2013

Desperate for Spring

Desperate for Spring 
It has been entirely too cold and long this spring.  My patience is wearing thin but I know that nature can not be rushed.  My garden seeds lay quietly dormant awaiting for the right time to plant.  The soil is too wet and too cold for hardly any kind of planting.  Only the seeds under the grow light continue to get stronger and bigger.
In my desperation, a walk through the garden discovered two big healthy dandelion plants growing in one of my raised beds.  Out of desperation I just couldn't help myself .... I ate them.  I may just have to re visit those plants and harvest another bitter salad to keep my cabin fever in check.  In my humble opinion, a person could live on dandelion greens but they aren't all that tasty.  Hopefully, the need for gardening will be fulfilled by actually gardening soon or who knows what will become table salad next.

Visits have been made to Terra Nova Garden to see how the land survived the Winter.  It appears that my 697 bags of yard waste is working wonderfully well.  Only a few of the hardiest weeds have made the attempt to grow up through the now three to four inch solid mulch.  A quick jab at the roots with a shovel and those proud weeds became compost fodder.

I met another colorful character of the neighborhood at Terra Nova Gardens.  His name was Chad.  He stopped to talk about how he had grown hot peppers for over 20 years.  He proceeded to tell me that he had developed a pepper that had four times the heat of a regular hot pepper and got special privileges to make hot sauce for all the prisoners.  Yeah, prisoners caught my attention.  I just let him continue to talk and he explained that back in 1956 he was a Hell's Angel and got sent to prison for murder.  His sentence ended up being several 20 year terms which normally would mean life in prison but the judge allowed him to serve them at the same time.  Hell's Angel Chad ended up serving 36 years in prison because of .... well some altercations along the way.  He ended his five year parole just last year. 

Bobcat Larry continues to stop by almost every time I'm at the garden.  For those that don't know him, he has been very helpful from the very beginning with the clearing of the land and digging out the spring. 

I don't think I've ever told you about shotgun Annie either.  There's an old lady .... well she looks old but I really don't know just how old she is.  She drives an old junk car; has the sweetest missing teeth smile; has shoulder length scraggly hair; and loves to talk about her garden.  She stops by every so often to tell of her neighborhood adventures.  She lives in probably the roughest part of town where angels fear to go.  Yeah, that's about five blocks away from Terra Nova Gardens.  One day we got into a discussion about her bad neighborhood and she said that she always has a loaded shotgun on the kitchen table and made it very clear that if anyone tries to get through the door they would be meetin' up with a load of buck shot.  Her house pet is a mean junk yard dog that will kill anything that moves on her property.

Least you think that the neighborhood is filled with scary people, I will tell you that there are many more quite ordinary people that live there.  It's a very interesting mix of folks and I love talking with them about as much as I love gardening there.  It appears that most of them just want some one to listen to them tell their life story.  If they can't stop and talk which is not very often, they will most definitely honk and wave while driving past the garden.  In one year the crazy old geezer with the garden has become a part of the community.
I hope all is well in your home.  Have a great day and I'll telling you more about the dull life of old Dave.