Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Garden season is on hold 
It looks like the garden season has been put on hold by nature's weather.  Being a weather person in Nebraska has to be the most difficult job there is.  Even though Spring is officially here, the cold weather and the threat of snow continues.  One day of 60 degree weather allowed me to work outside but now the temperatures are back in the teens at night and 30s during the day.  It just might be one of those years when the weather turns from cold rainy Spring to hot summer.  Every year presents a new set of weather challenges for the Nebraska gardener.  This year is no different.
I am definitely not an expert when it comes to painting so I turned to the experts that have told me the temperature needs to be above 50 degrees in order to have paint dry properly.  This is the above 50 degree day that I used to continue to paint my first pallet to fence panel.  After this day another storm came through and dumped five more inches of snow and hasn't given me another day to work on this panel.  I did put this day to good use.
With the primer finally on the back of the panel, it's time to kick back and rest a couple hours while the nice warm sun dries the paint.  The temperature actually climbed into the 70s this day on my driveway.  I don't think the official temperature got more than 65.  After the primer dried, the panel was flipped over and the real painting began.
The backdrop of what I'm calling garden graffiti is what one neighbor has called John Deere green.  The actual name is Lucky Shamrock green.  Since I'm partially color blind, it's difficult for me to see green but I can see this green so it must be pretty bright.  I've indicated in previous posts that I have no artistic talent what so ever.  Drawing stick men are a challenge for me.  I have to come up with ways to do art that allow me to draw on my limited abilities.  Here can see a devised way to draw a flower on the panel.  Four flowers will be across the bottom of the panel.  I am seriously thinking about putting a couple shorter flowers in the middle of these flowers.  Every one of my projects is a work in progress and subject to change until I finally declare it finished.  This one is no different.  So as you can see one cut out petal will be traced a petal at a time around the center point of the intended flower.  It worked pretty good.
So with the panel ready, the weather warm, and flocks of north bound geese honking above, let the art work begin.  One thing I've found in painting from experience has been, the better the brush the easier it is to paint.  My brushes are not real expensive but they are not the cheap big box store ones either.  The first brush stroke is for the stems of the flowers.  

So after one long day of fun in the sun, the panel now looks like this.  The flowers still need outlined in black, the petals need definition with black lines, and a black round center will finish up the flowers.
The garden name Terra Nova Gardens will be across the top of the fence.  Remember this is only one panel of three decorated ones.  This panel will have the first word of the garden name across the top which would be Terra.  Now of course I don't just want block letters.  My choice of fonts is AR DECODE and it looks like this.
Terra Nova Gardens
Yeah, another challenge for the talent lacking artist.  It seems I never want to do any thing that would be an easy task.  This lettering will be my greatest challenge.

The cabbage and broccoli seedlings got another day outside while I painted.  They seem to like those days in the fresh air and sun.  I don't know for sure when it's time for transplanting but I have plenty of extra plants for experimentation.  I only need about 15 or 20 plants each.  The tulips have survived the snow an cold just fine as you can see.  They are tough plants to be able to endure the Nebraska spring time extremes.
One day soon we all will be able to get outside and enjoy the warm sun.  It's 92 days until summer and counting.  Yea!!  Have a great day where ever you are.



  1. Lookin good Dave! I love your fence! Yes, I think it's going to be a challenging spring in the garden department!

  2. Your panels are looking good. The flower motif is very nice. Can't wait to see it all up with the garden name in your fancy font.
    The tulips are just fine.
    Here's to more nice spring days!

  3. Super. Enjoying watching this evolve.

  4. Good job on the fence. A great addation to Terra Nova. When I hear / see that name I always think of "Gone With The Wind" and their plantation Terra. Any progress with the pond/well/watering hole at the garden? I am back in the planting game this year and not just following it on the blogs. AG at Annies Kitchen Garden has enspired me to get my hands dirty again. I have planted peas and onions and have started my peppers and tomatoes inside.

    Your Gardening Friend
    Frank from Virginia

    1. Frank, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I do have plans for developing the spring this year. They have changed since last fall. I'll be working on that during the summer after the spring planting has been completed. The temperatures here are still in the teens at night and only in the 30s for highs during the day. I did visit the garden yesterday and it's starting to thaw out some but it has to go a long way for the ground temperature to be 50 degrees for early spring planting. It could be one of those years when the temperatures turn from cold spring to hot summer almost over night. Every so often we have a spring like that here.

      Have a great garden planting day.

  5. Hi David
    Well, I'm getting all caught up on your posts and must say WOW!
    Love the way your food storage area came together, and also your fence panels are very nice.
    You've been very busy. I wish I could be outside doing projects, but a recent bout of lake-effect snow has left us buried in 2 feet of snow and our cold temps will keep it here for at least a few more weeks. Oh well, it's the price I pay for 70 degree summer days-ha ha!
    Happy Spring, David!

  6. This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

  7. Great project and it seems to have turned out quite well. I like your trick of getting around the artistic ability issue.