Monday, March 11, 2013

The Garden season begins 
The garden season began two weeks ago.  I planted cabbage and broccoli seeds and put them on a heat mat covered with saran wrap.  Expecting the cabbage to sprout up in five to seven days imagine my surprise when they popped up in three days.  I thought wow that was fast and uncovered them and thought that the broccoli would take much longer since they weren't supposed to germinate for about two to three weeks.  I was shocked to find broccoli standing tall in five days after planting.  This garden season is off to a great start.
These are just ten days after planting.  I took them outside for their first visit to the real world.  The temperature was about 50 degrees and they drank in the fresh air for about two hours.  I'm hoping to get them outside as much as possible when the temperature is over 50 degrees.  It should really help with the hardening off process.
After two weeks these plants are really looking good.  I've never really tried to grow my own plants before so this is all a new experience for me.  That great white strip above the plants comes from sun spectrum florescent grow bulbs.  Right now they are about a half inch above the plants.  I read that to keep the plants stocky and strong keep the bulbs almost touching the plants.  It seems to be working.
The same day that the plants had their outing I got to do some painting on one fence panel.  This is the primer paint which will seal up the wood.  I knew that pallet wood was dry so expected it would soak up the primer paint.  It looks like it will take one gallon of paint for every eight foot panel.  Primer will go on both sides of the panel.  The next coat will be a grass green color.  I just thought that the color would be fitting for a garden fence.  Then I would like to paint grass blades along the bottom in a lighter green color.  Since I'm doing all the painting myself and not a very good artist, I am going to try to keep it simple with having just the name "Terra Nova Gardens" in big letters across the top.  If that turns out well, I might try to add some simple flowers among the grass blades at the bottom.  That will be really taxing my abilities.  But nothing tried, nothing gained.
Storm Triton had its way with us yesterday and left behind five inches of wet slushy snow that gave my two stage snow blower, Stormie, fits.  It was so wet that the snow ejection tube would plug about every 10 feet.  She chewed her way through it the best she could.  Today, I just pushed off the last inch that fell over night with a shovel.  By day's end, the driveway and sidewalk were clear and dry.  The bright sunshine helped with melting the snow.  By Thursday the temperature will be 57 and Friday 65.  Storm Triton will only be a memory by the end of the week.  I should be into the lettering of the fence panel by the end of the week.  I'll let you know how it turns out.
There's not much else happening here as my anticipation for Spring to arrive and real outside gardening to begin.  There's many project ideas waiting to become reality this year, the biggest of which will be a back yard addition of a zip line.  Yes, my backyard is becoming a playground for the neighborhood.
Have a great pre spring day and Happy St. Pat's day to all you Irish people.


  1. Wow. My broccoli season is about finished. The heat is on and summer crops should thrive.

  2. Looking good Dave! I find growing veggies from seed easy. I don't do as well with flowers though. Can't wait to see the fence when it's complete!

    Happy St. Pat's to you too!

  3. Those are some great looking sprouts. (Laughed at you marking the tulip sprouts). Ha.
    Looks like you've had the chance to get out on the nice days!
    Try making a template for your flowers on the fence. You can trace it over and over with pencil and then paint them.
    We have just a little snow left from Sunday. The wind was too chilly to be outside long today but I'm hoping warmer days later this week will let me get out and clean up some beds.