Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring is on way
I'm not sure about what the final decision was from Nebraska Phil.  The day was overcast in the morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon.  I'm not sure whether he is a morning groundhog or not.  So the prediction of whether winter is over is .... drum roll .... it either is or it's not.  There's no clear decision.  It kind of fits Nebraska weather, don't you think?
All but one little piece of drywall has been completed on the storage room.  I found a broken piece of drywall at Menard's for a buck that will cover this spot.  I have a couple pieces of drywall to hang on the back side and this project will be completed.  Then maybe a little paint will pretty it up but that's for a later time .... or year.  The room is fully closed in and insulated with a tight fitting door.  I found a door knob laying in the piles of stuff in the basement and the hinges were a quarter a piece in a bargain bin at Menard's.
So the question now is have I truly created a cold room and how much colder will it be.
This is the temperature outside the room.  My house stays at a low temperature during the winter months to conserve the bank account.  So now let's see what the temperature is inside the room.  I was hoping to achieve at least middle 50s during the winter storage months.
Oh, yes, the work was worth it.  This will be great to store produce during the winter months.  I'm not sure about what will be the temperature during the summer but I expect it will be cooler than the rest of the house.  Now I am ready to fill the storage room with garden harvest.
My fence panel building has been just a little slow as the weather has been brrrr cold.  This seven foot panel has been completed and I'm about half way through a stud length (92 inches) panel.  That will make about 25 feet of fence panels.  Thirty feet is the length of one side.  I will need three sides of fence panels so I'm almost 1/3 of the way done.  I plan on hitting the panels with a belt sander and painting them a grass green color.  Since the garden is in the heart of graffiti country, I'll have to come up with some kind of garden graffiti to beat them to the punch.  Hopefully, it will keep them from marking their territory on my fence.  I haven't decided just what to put on it yet.
I'm just about ready to fire up the seed starting station.  First up on the heat mat is broccoli and cabbage.  When these are ready to be planted in the garden, it will be time to start the tomatoes and bell peppers.  The rest of the seeds will be directly sown in the garden.  I plan on radishes, lettuce, spinach, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, sweet corn, squash, popcorn, and my neighbor will plant pumpkins, watermelon, and potatoes.
My biggest project for the year at Terra Nova Gardens will be the development of the spring to be able to water the garden.  I have some plans for water collection which I'll write about another time.  My anticipation grows as Spring approaches.  Only 35 days until Spring and 101 days until school's out.  Oh happy day when summer vacation is here.
Oh, yeah, the backyard will have another kid magnet addition.  I am planning on putting in a zip line from the fort built two years ago to the dirt pile down by the garden.  It will be a good fifty feet long and be built strong enough to hold my rotund self.  If it will hold me, kids will be like carrying a flea.
Bradley will be gone the month of June to see his Dad.  My nephew is getting married in California in July and my grand daughter will be married in September in Las Vegas.  It's all coming together as a busy year for sure.
Oh, yeah, I ordered the Rugosa Rose bushes for behind the rail fence at Terra Nova Gardens.  They are Maine seacoast hardy and grow to be six foot tall and five feet wide.  They flower with small red roses all summer and have sharp thorns.  It takes about two years to get to the six foot hedge height.  I plan on planting them close enough to be a thorny hedge with flowers from the street view.  It will be awesome in a couple years.
One other thing.  The house has been invaded with scabies.  We have been battling through the process of cleansing the house, bedding, all clothes, rugs and furniture.  We are into our second round because they are stubborn little buggers but persistence with prevail.
That's all for now.  I hope everyone out there is ready for an awesome spring and summer because it's on the way.