Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone
Sorry about being so remiss about blogging.  Christmas is such a busy time with cards and such.  Well, the big push for Christmas is over and now we are faced with the New Year with all it's plans, desires, and hopes.  Many resolutions to make life better, will be made.  Mine is to finish some of the projects that have been started this last year .... or the year before.  Even with all the uncertainty about the coming year, I am hopeful it will be a great year.
One of those resolutions is to finish my food storage area.  All I have left is to build a wall to close off the area from the rest of the basement.  There are some definite challenges to overcome.  One is the work space is less than favorable for building a wall.  Each piece has to be put together a piece at a time.  Here you can see my progress at the moment.  I have discovered a new resource just a couple of miles from my house.  It seems that a new "Habitat for Humanity ReStore" has opened close to my neighborhood.  This is a store that excepts construction reusable appliances, cabinets, furniture, and many other things that are taken out of houses that are being remodeled or torn down.  The door you see in the above picture is from the store and cost only $10.  It's a great two inch thick door that is perfect for my use.  I just have it setting in the door opening to see how it fits so when the hinges are installed the crack at the top of the door will be gone.

Construction these days is not without its challenges that's for sure.  Today's lumber is bowed and twisted into interesting shapes.  Even the best picks of the pile have issues with being straight.  So wall building methods have to be creative in trying to keep the wall straight and square.  These 2x4s were bowed in two different directions and one had a huge twist at the bottom end.  This took care of the bows.
This took care of the ugly twist that was present in the prime cut 2x4.  Yeah, right.  After getting the lumber in the right position it's screwed into the bottom plate to keep it in that position. It all came together great.  This next week will be a week of hopefully getting the door hung, insulation installed, and drywall up.  That will be great if I can get one project done by the end of the first week of the New Year.
What was your best Christmas present this year?  Mine was a garden book by Niki Jabbor.  She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.  It's a book about extending the growing season for gardens.  She definitely knows her gardening.  From the cover picture, she looks way too young to have such wisdom about gardening.  Supposedly she is a prolific writer on garden subjects and is very busy with speaking engagements.  I'm not a real fast reader so it will take some time to get through the book and digest all the information.  I've never tried to garden outside of the warm weather crops.  I guess it's time for this old row crop farmer to actually become a true gardener and test the limits.  What do you think?
It won't be long before the garden seeds will need to be started in the seed starting station.  Some will be started in February but most will have to wait for March which now is less than two months away.
Hopefully, I'll be able to blog a little more now that the holidays are over and life is back to normal.  What ever that is.
Have a great New Year and we will be talking again soon.