Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Time at the Gardens
The gardens in my backyard are known as the Urban Ranch gardens and the gardens at the new property, as you know, are known as Terra Nova Gardens.  The Urban Ranch gardens were planted with lettuce, radishes, and mesclun.  Only a few scattered radishes came up.  I'm not sure what happened there but they will have to be replanted.  The seed starting station worked so well that the tomatoes sprouted up to the plastic cover and curled over before I even knew they had sprouted.  They were so spindly and leggy that I replanted them.  The bell peppers did good and look great.  So now the half of the 72 plant seed plug starter with the newly planted tomatoes has a heat mat under it at night.  During the day when the temperature is 60 degrees or better they go outside for the day.  I think that's better than being under a grow lamp.  Those replanted seeds are already popping up after only four days.  Wow, that's quick.  They didn't even have the plastic cover on them.
Garden Gate Day Lilies

Here's my patch of day lilies at Terra Nova Gardens.  Yeah, right in the middle of the gate.  I've decided that I'm not so much in love with the common variety of day lilies any more.  They are much more difficult to transplant than I first thought.

Day lilies all gone
Yes, I pulled them all out.  If I really want to plant day lilies around the outside of the fence which was the original plan there are many big patches of day lilies to transplant.  There is no lack of that resource on the property.
Path ready for wood chips
You might be wondering just why I would dig a trench in the middle of the garden.  Some years ago I read an article about making raised beds.  The article stated that since you would have paths that would be only for walking, why not skim off the top four inches of top soil and put it on the raised beds.  It would raise the bed another four inches with good top soil.  My plan is to find a tree service in town that would be willing to donate a load or two of wood chips to fill up the trenches and cover my parking area.  I know that wood will leach nitrogen from the soil but hopefully the bed is raised up enough to not be affected by the wood chips in the trench.  I hope to get all that accomplished next week.  Then I can get back to finishing the fence.  Lots of work.  Not much time.

Have a great spring time day in the garden.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden work and vacation
The work at Terra Nova Gardens continues.  Each day inches closer to the May 15th planting date.  The seeds have been inserted into their life pods (expanding seed starter cells) and the heat mat is warming their little bottoms.  The seeds are due to sprout up in about another week.  If all works out there will be enough to give away as well as plant.
Terra Nova Gardens Fences
The rail fence is complete for this year and the critter proof fence is under construction.  Actually, it will be ready for the chicken wire in one more day.  All but four of the posts have been set and the top rail has been installed.  I did start digging the garden beds and have them about 1/3 of the way completed.  The daylilies are really sprouting up and are a little tougher to transplant than I thought.  They are definitely the hardy common kind.  I'm finding them all over the property so there will not be any lack of flowers for the fence perimeter when the time comes for that.

I took a week off and went to visit my family in Las Vegas.  While the temperatures soared above 90 degrees in Nebraska, I basked in the 60 degree temperatures of Las Vegas.  What's wrong with that picture.  Now the temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark during the night time.  I've never seen such drastic swings in temperatures.  I have to wonder what the plants think about all this temperature volatility.

During my visit with family, my oldest daughter made plans to visit Universal Studios in California.  We made a weekend of it and staid in a hotel two nights.  It was great being with my daughter, her husband, and two grand daughters for the weekend. 
King Kong
Here's the big guy on the midway entering Universal Studios.  This is about a block long with all kinds of touristy things to get your money.  We politely walked through a few shops and kept our money for other things.  Universal studios is of course movie oriented with much visual stimulation and many 4D experiences.  A typical 4D experience would be the use of jets of air or drips of water for added effect.  One 4D tram ride brought us into a tunnel.  The movie screen was from the floor on one side of the tunnel to the floor on the other side of the tunnel.  With 3D glasses on, the visual display began with King Kong on one side of the tram and a dinasour on the other side of the tram.  Of course they had to fight each other and it would of course involve the jumping on top of the tram which would rumble and rock to the action on both sides and top.  It was pretty cool.

The weather there in California was 55 degrees with wind and misty rain.  The weather just makes no sense these days.

I have to say even when a good time was had by all, it's still good to be home.  Don't you think?