Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mulching Caper is over
Thanksgiving is done.  This year three days of feasting was almost too much for this old man.  Thanksgiving Eve day the immediate family dined at the buffet.  Thanksgiving day the family dined at my long time friend's house.  Black Friday dinner was served at half time of the Nebraska Football game.  Saturday I sat around all bloated up and did nothing.  It was great but I'm glad it's only once a year.
Now the focus becomes Christmas.  All the store decorations and special gift sales are in full swing.  As for me, I'm just not too creative.  Instead of trying to figure out what someone wants, a gift card will let them decide what they want.  The cost of sending presents to the grand kids in the Las Vegas and Green River Wyoming was approaching the cost of the presents.  Yeah, I know it's not really getting into the spirit of Christmas and all. I guess I'm just too practical.  My wife was always the festive creative decorative one.  I was just the lights guy.  I put up the lights and she did the rest.  Christmas is just not the same without her.  This will be my 11th Christmas flying solo.
The great mulching caper is over.  Here's the last of four weeks of foraging the neighborhood in the darkness of the night before yard waste pickup day.  The final tally was 694 bags of grass/leaf yard waste.  It covered the garden areas with about one foot of mulch.  I figure that I hauled about 8.5 tons of mulch to the garden.  Hopefully, that will mush down to about an inch or so over the Winter and become a composting weed barrier next year.  I'll just move the mulch enough to get the seeds in the ground and leave the mulch as it is.
The garden really has the Winter look about it and I'm really finished with all the cleanup so any visiting will be only check on things and see how it weathers the Winter.  The really nice days are over and only freezing cold nights and semi warm days are the norm.
I'm deep into sending out Christmas cards so gotta go for now.



  1. That's a lot of bags of mulch! Awesome. I hope you get some snow to start it on the process of feeding the soil.
    I too am deep into Christmas cards. Haven't decorated here yet either as the warm weather is keeping me outside more still. I did clear a space in the living room for the tree.
    I hear you on the shipping of gifts thing. We tend to favor Amazon as much of the family puts wish lists there and we can usually find something that offers free shipping and we send it directly to them if they won't be home for the gathering.
    You give much of yourself to many all year. I think you've got the real meaning of Christmas going.
    Have a good Christmas season and prepare yourself. There is bound to be more good food in the near future!

  2. I think that deep mulch is going to work out well for you. Hopefully, you'll get plenty of moisture this winter to compact that all down. I'm always surprised in the spring at how much my mulch breaks down. We've hardly had any snow so far, but things are already well on their way to breaking down.
    Sounds like you had a fine holiday. My problem is the upcoming Christmas celebrations.....seems sweet treats are the big thing and I sure have to watch how much of that I indulge in.
    Enjoy the break from the garden---winter will be over with before we know it and it will be back to work! (yay!!)