Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fence building from Pallets
It's getting real close of Christmas.  My Christmas cards are all finished and mailed except for the hand delivered ones.  I think I've mailed out about 80 this year.  Three returned and had to be readdressed due to moving and sent out again.  It's why I try to get them mailed early so I can deal with the invariably returned cards.  Three birthdays around Christmas will generate the need for sending out some cards and the month will be over.  As for gifts, my logic over rides the creative and gift cards rule.  It's just too difficult for me to try to figure out what would be a great gift for the person I'm buying for.  So my line after Christmas becomes, "Hi, what did I get you for Christmas?"  You know it's exactly what they wanted.  Nice!
I've discovered a new source of free garden material.  This load of pallets came from a post on Craig's list free.  I hauled a couple more loads for the free wood.  What, you might want to know will they be used for.
 Why fencing panels of course.  I found a place called Green Acres Recycling that sets pallets on the curb quite regularly.  I want to build about 90 feet of fencing to surround a portion of Terra Nova Gardens in an attempt to keep the critters away from the garden.  Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that raccoons can climb wooden fences.  I might have to string up a battery operated electric fence to give them a little surprise if they feel the need to scale the wall. 
The wild turkeys are going to have a surprise as well if they decide as last year to scratch the corn seed out of the ground.  I'm planning on having four foot wide rows inside the fence with chicken wire laying flat on top of the rows anchored down with ground staples.  Four rows of corn will be planted through the grid of the chicken wire.  That should keep the ariel assault team from scratching out the seeds.  Another thing that may have to be tried is motion lights that are made to look like glowing eyes in the dark. 
I really wanted to have the scare crow family up this year but it just didn't happen.  Not that it would scare anything but it would just add to the character of the property.
I have my MSN calendar reminder set to sent out an alert when it's time to order my Rosa Rose bushes that I ordered too late in the season last year.  I should be reminded to get my order sent about the first of February.  The rose bushes are a very hardy Northeastern Maine variety that grows well even in the salty air of the coast.  They grow about six feet tall and five feet wide.   They are filled with flowers all year and are quite thorny.  I want to plant them right behind the wooden rail fence and close enough to become a hedge.  It's not so much to block the view but just to beautify the street view a little more.  I believe on HGTV they call it curb appeal. 
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from my house to yours.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mulching Caper is over
Thanksgiving is done.  This year three days of feasting was almost too much for this old man.  Thanksgiving Eve day the immediate family dined at the buffet.  Thanksgiving day the family dined at my long time friend's house.  Black Friday dinner was served at half time of the Nebraska Football game.  Saturday I sat around all bloated up and did nothing.  It was great but I'm glad it's only once a year.
Now the focus becomes Christmas.  All the store decorations and special gift sales are in full swing.  As for me, I'm just not too creative.  Instead of trying to figure out what someone wants, a gift card will let them decide what they want.  The cost of sending presents to the grand kids in the Las Vegas and Green River Wyoming was approaching the cost of the presents.  Yeah, I know it's not really getting into the spirit of Christmas and all. I guess I'm just too practical.  My wife was always the festive creative decorative one.  I was just the lights guy.  I put up the lights and she did the rest.  Christmas is just not the same without her.  This will be my 11th Christmas flying solo.
The great mulching caper is over.  Here's the last of four weeks of foraging the neighborhood in the darkness of the night before yard waste pickup day.  The final tally was 694 bags of grass/leaf yard waste.  It covered the garden areas with about one foot of mulch.  I figure that I hauled about 8.5 tons of mulch to the garden.  Hopefully, that will mush down to about an inch or so over the Winter and become a composting weed barrier next year.  I'll just move the mulch enough to get the seeds in the ground and leave the mulch as it is.
The garden really has the Winter look about it and I'm really finished with all the cleanup so any visiting will be only check on things and see how it weathers the Winter.  The really nice days are over and only freezing cold nights and semi warm days are the norm.
I'm deep into sending out Christmas cards so gotta go for now.