Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all
Well here it is the season of Thanksgiving.  I am boycotting the Christmas sections of the big box stores until after Thanksgiving.  Thankfully the stores have contained their Christmas area and it hasn't invaded the entire store just yet.  I'm just now starting to think about Thanksgiving and all the things that I am thankful.  This year has indeed been such a great year and has many things for thanksgiving.  I am really thankful for enough food to eat, shelter from the weather, clothes to wear, and for good friends and family.  I have truly been blessed richly this year with the acquisition of Terra Nova Gardens.  This has been a life long dream that has become a reality.  I have been given good health in my retirement season of life.  I hope that this season brings you thoughts of all the things during this past year that you can be thankful.
Here's a guy that hangs out in my garden.  He's about half way out of his den in this picture. I'm not too sure about whether I'm thankful for him or not.  I think it's a boy because as I was taking pictures of him, I was talking to him. He listened until I got to point of not being greedy when feeding on my garden.  He just turned his back and headed down the hole into his den.  It's just like a guy when they don't like what they hear to turn their head and pretend they didn't hear.  I have named him Nebraska Phil after the famous Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania.  Now I will be able to tell when winter will end right in my own Terra Nova Gardens.
Mulching the garden continues.  I'm into week number three of roaming the neighborhood gathering the grass/leaf mixture for garden mulch.  At last count I have hauled 233 bags of mulch to the garden.  I have covered the main part of the garden with one layer and am almost finished with a second layer.  When I'm finished, I want to have at east an eight inch layer of the mulch over the entire garden. 
Here's one week of neighborhood gathering.  The neighbors are thinking they have one crazy neighbor.  I'm guessing they won't be complaining next year when they get to eat the garden produce.

I am going to try an experiment this year.  Last Spring I noticed five volunteer tomatoes that had sprouted up in the tomato bed from the previous year.  This fall I decided to intentionally throw some over ripe tomatoes into the tomato bed for next year.  I'll clean up this bed a little more, mush the tomatoes just a tad, sprinkle a little soil over them and cover the whole bed with compost mulch.  Maybe since these tomatoes are Rutgers, which is an heirloom tomato, I'll have my own plants without the work of starting them under the grow lights next Spring.  It will be much easier if it works.
Well, I'm heading out to haul more mulch while I can.
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.