Saturday, October 6, 2012

Killing frost ends gardening
I haven't been to garden yet but I think 27 degrees will be the termination of all gardening for this year.  I'm ready for a winter rest.  It has been a long hot dry summer of gardening.  The massive water hauling project was indeed tiring.  Up at 5 am to haul water to the garden before the sun brought the dry 100 degree weather was a test of man (me) and nature (garden) for survival.  We both made  it through the tough times.  I just didn't have it in me to try a fall garden.  Maybe next year.
The mulching of Terra Nova Gardens has continued and is the primary focus at this point in time.  The two large bales of hay have finally been completely hauled to the garden area.  A total of 11 1/2 loads were hauled and spread over the growing area of next year's garden.  It covered all of the new area and half of the old growing area.  Next comes the yard waste mulch.
Foraging the neighborhood netted three loads of grass - leaf mixture slightly crunched up from the lawn mowers.  It's the best stuff ever to use on a garden.  Some would ask aren't you afraid of the chemicals that go on the yards?  Most of the chemical stuff is put on the lawns in the spring and summer.  Not much other than a winter fertilizer is spread on the lawn in the fall so nope not worried about the chemicals.  It would be very difficult in today's world to claim to be a 100 percent organic gardener.  Even the rain has become some what contaminated.  I try the best I can to keep the chemicals to a minimum and never use them directly on what I eat.  Nature has a way of cleansing the earth if you will just let it happen.  For the next two or three weeks, the process of covering the ground at Terra Nova Gardens will keep me busy.
I do get some odd looks as I roam the neighborhood looking for the precious mulch bags.  I'm just a little selective about what I take as I don't really want brush or weeds.  I leave those by the curb to be picked up by the yard waste truck.  They take the waste to a place where it's processed into a product called Omagro.  It's basically composted and sold back to the public for landscaping.  I have tried some and it's pretty good but my experience with it was that it dried out fast and wouldn't hold moisture very good.  I suppose if some peat moss was mixed in, it would improve the texture of the soil.
I found these guys on Craig's list for free.  When I get my pond finished I would like to build a platform over part of the pond.  The unsupported span would have to be about six feet and require some hefty beams to allow it to be stable.  These are bridge support timbers.  One is pretty solid but the other is not so good and can't be use for a support.  It will be placed on the ground by the fenced garden area to deter digging varmints.  I don't think I'll get to the placement of these beams until next year.
Bradley and I decided to go to the zoo on his day off from school.  It was a scheduled day off from school for what ever reason.  It sure does seem that the school system of today has way more days off than when I was in school.  We have a season pass so we don't have to see the entire zoo on any given day.  This day and almost every zoo visit the petting zoo is high on the list to things to see.  The other thing we almost always like to see is the "Kingdoms of the night."  It's the creepy, crawly, swampy part of the zoo.  There's alligators, beavers, frogs, toads, and other creepy night active things.  Boys love those things.  They also have many snakes, spiders, and bats in cages.  Sheesh, snakes.  I hate snakes.  They are just too sneaky for me.
The last couple days have been spent helping a friend of mine with storing up hay to feed his horses this winter.  Because of the drought this year in Nebraska the farmers have had to feed their winter hay to the livestock during the summer months.  My friend wants to be assured a good hay supply for his horses over the winter so he's in process of buying enough to get him through to next spring.  Of course hay has doubled in price because of the drought.  Many farmers are reducing their livestock herds because of the feed issue.  I'm guessing that this won't be felt in the supermarkets too much right away but about next summer food will increase in price even more than it has already.  I really think we are in for some tough times in the coming years.
I hauled a 47 inch TV for a gal at church and attempted to hook every thing up for her.  I did get the TV working but man with all the extra stuff now days, it's tough to get everything hooked up correctly.  There's the cable box, the sound system, the DVD player, and the Internet all have to be hooked together and play well with each other.  It was beyond my abilities to get it all to work.  She's a school teacher and knows a lot of techie kids that are a whiz at this new technology stuff so I'm sure she will find one to get it all to work right.
I hope all is well at your end of the world.  You'll find me out in the garden cleaning up today.
Until next time.



  1. You're very versatile. Hauling hay, timbers and TVs.
    That mulch is going to make your gardens so nice. Those bags of leaves will be nice too. I've been known to gather the ones from the neighbor's tree that falls in the alley and put them on my beds. With our city compost drop off and pick up site, everything dropped off gets mixed together. I wouldn't want all the mess of stuff either so no leaf foraging here beyond the alley.
    Frost missed us last night but your cold air is suppose to be coming our way tonight. Time for a rest for sure and I'm anxious to add some soil to our beds and look forward to next year. We'll have plenty of warm days again to get everything done outside I'm sure.

  2. Dave,
    We got into the teen's last night, I have not heard what. Everything is black this morning. The garden is gone till next season. Hopeful a better season.
    Got lots to do this week, wrap the covering around the porch, and the carport to keep the wind, and whatever snow we get out. Clean and put away the patio furniture and other stuff.
    Still have some canning to finish, and a few things that can wait until later.
    I am really afraid that the prices will be almost beyond my little disability budget but I am trying to plan and just put away what I can and hopefully get buy until spring when I can set up my greenhouse, hopefully a little better and stronger. Then I can start some lettuces and spinach.
    You have been a busy little bee, and still take time to go to the zoo. I have never been to the Omaha zoo. Maybe sometime, if I can rent or borrow a road worthy car, I can get down.
    Have a wonderful and productive week.

  3. Shoot. No frost in these parts for quite some time. I can hardly wait. I'm sitting in front of the fan in shorts and a tank top typing my comments tonight.