Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall cleanup begins
Fall is definitely upon us.  The promise of 30 something temperatures will put an end to the summer garden.  I'm not going to try fall gardening this year.  There are still many things in the works at the Urban Ranch (the house where I live) and Terra Nova Gardens (the new garden).
The hauling of hay continues.  You can see that I've nearly completed hauling the first bale to the garden.  I have about one more load then I can begin on the second bale.  I hope to have the hay hauling completed before winter comes.  It will be a good mulch cover to have on the ground over the Winter months for Terra Nova Gardens.  My neighbor Tim the lawn man promises me a large volume of grass leaf mixture to help with mulching the garden this fall.  That's a great blend of mixture that will compost in place over the winter.
This is the good stuff.  It's almost to the compost level.  I suspect that the Winter weather and snow will complete the process by next spring.  I'm already planning next year's garden.
It's amazing what a little work can do for a yard.  This is after the axe job on the sequoia weeds and taking a lawn mower after the crab grass.  It appears that the regular grass did not make it through the long hot dry summer.  I'm waiting until spring to see how much has survived before comprehensive seeding begins.
Another donation to Terra Nova Gardens has helped to protect the pond in progress.  The chain link fence was given to the project.  I used it to block the access of the unfinished pond.  As you can see some of the area has been dug out.  I want to expand that to about twice what you see.  Right now it's about 28 inches deep and I want to go to a depth of about four feet if I can.  From where you see the fence to six feet over the pond will have a deck with railing.  The rest of the pond will be open for the wild life get to the water to drink.  I would like to get the pond dug before winter weather prevents it but if not there's always next year.
The tomatoes have taken over the garden and by far are the best vegetable of the garden for this year.  They are done for this year.  There are still a truck load of green tomatoes that will never turn green with the cold night time temperatures.  Tomatoes need warm humid temperatures at night to ripen.  The pumpkins were awesome but were ready to harvest early in August.  The watermelons are still surprising me.  They just keep popping up out the dead vine mass.  Two more have showed up.   I don't really know how they can produce when the vines look dead at the roots.  It just amazes me how that can be.
A platform has been built up on the bank behind the pond to serve as a makeshift water tower for the garden.  It has about a 15 to 20 foot drop down to the garden level.  When I hauled water with my truck it was about  a three to four foot drop and it was surprising just how much water pressure came from that.  I watered through 100 feet of hose to any place in the garden with ease.  I can add more barrels to increase the capacity if needed.
This is the method of pumping the water up to the barrels on the bank.  It will pump about 150 gallons a minute so the two barrels will be filled in just over one minute.  it can pump from down to 20 feet deep and push it up to a 90 foot rise on the outlet.  Since there is no electricity on the property, it will be just the thing to pump water from the pond to the garden water storage supply.  These are ambitious plans that most likely won't get completed this year.
Have a great fall day and I'll see you again next week with more crazy ideas about how to tame the inner city garden called Terra Nova Gardens.


  1. Green tomato relish and chow-chow Dave.
    Everything looks like it is a plan, I am just cleaning up here. I am covering the last two patio tomatoes and peppers as its supposed to get to 32* here tonight.
    I am enjoying the cool air, personally.
    Have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week

  2. Hi David
    You're really getting a lot of work done--all heavy jobs, too. I don't envy you all the work right now, but next year those efforts are really going to pay off. Glad to hear you've cooled down. I see back home highs have been in the 50's and 60's with night time temps in the low 30's. I'm pretty sure I'll be facing a blackened mess when I get home next month. And rats-I'm missing some great baking and soupmaking weather as well. Oh well, all in due time.
    Can't wait to see the finished pond. Sounds wonderful!
    Best to you,

  3. Still so amazed that you have a water source at Terra Nova.
    Good idea on the fencing for it.
    Plus, you now have a water tower. Always something improving there. I too have tons of green cherry tomatoes. Hoping for a few to turn but may be done for the season.

  4. ~Gardener on Sherlock Street

    You certainly are a giving soul. Nice to see efforts help someone else. Great photo of you in the window.
    That is a serious weed clump. An axe means business.
    Seems what you need for the garden just finds you. Nice getting the hay for compost and mulch.
    That's a lot of seed! I like that you're making plans. Can't wait to see it in use.

    You've been busy posting. I'm catching up. Came back to start where I first missed your posts. Gotta know what's happen at Dave's. :-)

  5. Dave, for the green tomatoes try an old southern favorite. Fried green tomatoes. make a batter with flour and water a little thiner than pancakes dip the sliced tomatoes in and fry in hor olive oil. Try it once and you will welcome green tomatoes. You can freeze them by slicing and putting two layers of waxed paper between every slice and place in freezer bags and freeze. Batter and fry them before they thaw and they are just as good as fresh. Try once and you are hooked. Frank From Virginia