Saturday, June 23, 2012

New picnic table for Terra Nova
Terra Nova Gardens has a new addition.  The neighbor that lives next to me had a picnic table that fell victim to a large tree branch that broke and fell from a tree in his back yard.  It broke the seat and twisted the frame.  He donated it to the garden.  I removed the broken wood.  With a plumbers torch and a pipe, the twisted frame was heated and bent back into place.  New wood on the frame made the table good as new.  The area that Terra Nova Gardens resides is not a very good part of town and anything that is left sitting around will most likely disappear. Like a nice picnic table. :0)  So I devised a plan to maybe won't keep it from getting stolen but at least make them work for it.  Real hard.  It definitely won't be a back up the truck and load it up job.
Block with anchor ready for concrete

The first thing that was completed was the earth anchors screwed down into the dirt, then the U bolt over the table frame was loosely fastened to the earth anchor.

Concreted U-Bolt

Now the concrete block was filled with concrete.  So the anchor is in the dirt connected to the U-Bolt which is concreted to the concrete block.  Yeah, that ought to slow them down when they try to steal the table.  Each of the four frame legs of has this anchoring method.

Picnic Table for Terra Nova

There's the end product with the patio started under the table.  The patio will cover the concrete blocks and keep the anchoring from showing.  Imagine the surprise if someone backs up a truck thinking a quick snatch and steal will get them a nice picnic table.

Have a great day in the garden.


  1. It looks nice and your anchors look solid. I like the patio pavers underneath. Looks like a great place to enjoy lunch while working in the garden or to pile the produce when you're harvesting.

  2. Big grin here :-))))))))))))))

  3. Wow. It looks good. Your ideas are amazing. Job well done.