Monday, June 25, 2012

Different Lawnmower for Urban Ranch
One of the benefits of helping folks to move is being the recipient of good stuff.  A retired co worker decided to move to Colorado to be nearer to relatives and because he just likes it there.  He has in mind never to mow grass again and just have landscaped yards.  His lawnmower of the 1980s vintage was in better shape than my tired old Craftsman with no self propulsion and wobbly wheels.
Honda Lawnmower
Now I've never operated a rear wheel drive lawnmower.  The sign said easy start.  Yeah, been there before so I was a little skeptical.  Imagine my suprise when it started on the first pull and it was easy to pull.  The speed lever had two speeds turtle slow and rabbit fast.  Since I'm an old Grandpa I selected turtle slow and threw the bar forward to engage the rear drive.  Immediately the mower lurched forward at fast rabbit speed.  The front wheels popped up in the air.  Yes, I popped a wheelie with the mower.  I managed to hang onto the handle and catch up with the mower about half way to the back fence at which time I noticed the mower wasn't cutting the grass.  Upon farther inspection, another lever was found to engage the cutting blade.  I also found that the turtle slow speed didn't work and only the rabbit fast speed worked no matter what was selected on the speed handle. 

So, blade engaged, one two three, get ready, engage the rear drive and off we roared (mower and me) toward the back fence.  Closer and closer to the back fence we came.  Finally action was needed to turn around.  Yeah, I'm used to front drive and all that's needed is to push down on the handle and lift the font wheels off the ground to turn around.  That doesn't quite work with rear drive.  The Honda mower climbed half way up the fence before the handle slipped out of my hands and everything shut down.  The mower slowly coasted backwards and set all the wheels on the ground, the blade disengaged, and the motor sat purring along as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

By the time the front and back yards were mowed we were getting along much better.


  1. I was having a wonderful chuckle with a vision of you and the mower at mach 5 with your hair on fire moment. LOL
    Isn't it wonderful when you get gifts of things no one else wants. I was very blessed a few years ago to get a brand spankin' lawnmower right where I live. It was bent, and was dumped into a snow bank (it was Jan). In the spring, my partner looked at it, and it needed about $25 in parts and a little time and it runs beautifully. I also got another, a Craftsman that bounced off of someone's trailer right in front of me at the Dollar Store and I grabbed it. Ran and add for about a week to see if anyone would claim it and no one did, and I have two now.
    Great post, Dave. Now, go forth and mow...

  2. Free is good. Especially if its something you really need. Congrats on the "new" mower .

  3. Oh my goodnes, Dave, you crack me up!

  4. What a sight you must have been wrestling the mower. Sounds like it has some umph.