Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weeding and planting
The weeds always seem to grow faster than the plants.   This year it seems to be exceptionally so.  The first round of grass has sprouted up through the straw mulch.  I've discovered that the best way to deal with the evil grass is to pull all the mulch off the garden beds and pull it out by hand, then return the mulch back to the raised bed.  Fortunately two of the beds to be de-grassed were not planted yet which made it ever so much easier.  Sweet corn will be planted in the beds.  This will be the good stuff and is being planted inside the fenced area.  The parts for the gate still reside in my side yard waiting for assembly.  It's a little more difficult to get things done now that school is out and Bradley is home during the day.  He's just not going to be a gardener.  My inspiration to get him to help was no work no eat.  Since we were planting sweet corn, and he dearly loves sweet corn, he decided it was OK to help plant the corn.  Imagine that?
One half weeded Urban Ranch bed

The Urban Ranch backyard raised beds have suffered because of all the time spent at Terra Nova Gardens.  Here is a half weeded bed that will become tomatoes.

Weeded and planted tomato bed

In this picture the garden bed has been weeded, mulched, planted, and the automatic gravity feed watering system has been set up.  Now all that's needed is enough rain to keep the tank full.

My cucumbers all died when I planted them in the ground for some reason.  They were all started again.  Usually cucumbers just grow without any problems for me.  The bell peppers are just out of sight in another bed and are doing well.  The tomatoes at Terra Nova Gardens are doing really well.  They are the standard Rutgers.  The tomatoes at the Urban Ranch backyard are volunteer Rutger tomatoes and are growing gangbusters.  I may just throw all the season end tomatoes in one of my garden beds and see how many will come up in spring next year.  I transplanted four this year and left one right where it came up.  Only two plants of chard grew but they look healthy enough and will be the center of the salad plate very soon.

An interesting thing has happened at Terra Nova Gardens.  Remember the rail fence that was built from trees on the back bank of the property.  They were cut in six foot lengths and buried two feet in the ground.

Sprouting post at Terra Nova Gardens

The posts are sprouting branches.  All of the posts but two are trying to continue to be a tree instead of a post.  I'm leaving them go to see what will happen.  It might just be a last dying wish to keep growing or it could actually become a living tree fence, so to speak.  It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?

Turkey egg in the straw
I'm not sure why mama turkey laid an egg out in the hot sun with no cover at all.  It's an easy prey for the night creatures that go on prowl at night.  Normally, I would not have let Bradley touch the egg but it was already cooked from the sun and abandon, I'm guessing.  We left it where we found it but I suspect it's gone by now.  Bradley wanted to take it home and eat it.   Hmmmmm.

Pumpkins are looking good

I was some what concerned that the pumpkin seeds would be in jeopardy of being eaten by the foraging turkeys but only one mound of seeds were scratched and eaten.  Apparently, they weren't impressed with the taste of watermelon seeds. The rest were untouched.  There's no life to see in the potato tires yet but potatoes take a while to appear so my potato expert neighbor says.

My parting comment is a video on my gravity feed watering system.  I thought maybe a video would help with understanding how it all works.

To all the best of gardening all through the season.


  1. You've gotten the watering system going. That's going to be great at the Urban Ranch. I am amazed that it all works with gravity. That's a lot of traveling from the house to the beds, but I love the timer system.

    I can't believe your posts are sprouting leaves! They're not sprouting roots too are they?

    Happy gardening!

  2. I've never seen posts sprout--how weird-and neat!

    I've always wanted to just smush a tomato into next years garden spot to let it sprout. Those plants are always the toughest ones....the ones we start inside under grow lights always seem so "delicate".

    Everything looks to be growing gangbusters. Happy growing!

  3. Hi Dave,
    I enjoyed the update on your gardens. Yes, the weeds are thick, as are the self sowing annuals. I am having to weed most of them out, too.

    I started to watch your video, but since I want my husband to see it, decided to wait and watch it with him. We have a couple rain barrels, but don't have hoses on them. I end up just watering the pots using watering cans.