Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Clean up Begins
Yesterday was a wonderful day to be outside tilling the soil in the garden.  All five backyard beds are ready for planting.  It won't be for another couple months before the warm weather plants like tomatoes and green peppers will be able to be planted.  It was just nice to be able to be outside in the Spring sunshine working in the dirt. 

Garden Ready for Planting
Here's a picture of the backyard with the garden ready for planting and the patio still under construction.  With the nice weather upon us here I'll be outside more and more.

The main water tank has been sealed and will be hooked up to the rain barrel just in time for the rain.  Tomorrow rain is predicted.  Light rain what ever that is.
First Harvest of the season
Ha, here's the first harvest of the season.  While digging up the garden beds, I came across these little gems.  I planted some fall carrots last year but didn't really think that any made it.  They were a little rubbery but quite tasty just the same.  I had to savor their great fresh garden taste as it will be several months before any other harvest will be coming.
Tulips and Daffodils
The flowers are starting to begin their beautification of the world.  Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, and Crocus are well on their way to blooming. 

Crocus are already flowering but a little spotty.  The first year they put on a great display but the second year down from the first and now this year very much down from the first year.   I thought Crocus were supposed to get better with age but maybe these new hybrids are not long term flowers.

Hard at work
I've been out at Terra Nova Gardens a lot this last week just working real hard.  Ah, well, except for the break times.  Here I'm waiting for the Quick Crete to dry so I can take down the stabilizing ropes.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  This is the anchor post for one side of the gate.  I call it the anchor post because all the measurements for the rest of the garden starts at this post.  The gate is up but the batteries in my camera died and I couldn't get a picture of the completed gate.  I've been giving the entire area (60' X 60') a hand rake with a stout garden rake.  I just want to get as much debris out of the area as I can before the man comes to plow up the garden.  So far I've found many treasures that have accumulated over the years.  They would not have been very friendly to the plow.  I have one more day of cleaning up before the plow man can come.  My plan is to fence in a 30'X30' section for first year garden space.  The neighbor across the road was wondering if I would have space for some potatoes so he will get a 30'X30' section behind the fenced garden.  The rest of the unfenced area measuring 30'X60' will be sweet corn for the critters and neighborhood if they can get there first.  I figure if I give the turkeys, squirrels, and rabbits easy pickings for the sweet corn then they just might leave my fenced in garden alone.  Well, that's the plan anyway.

So until next time.  Keep your tools sharp and your seeds dry until time to plant.


  1. A good feeling to have those beds ready to plant.
    You found carrots. I discovered the parsley I dug up and then buried to "compost" in the garden survived the winter almost intact under the soil. Weird. But, I didn't eat any. Other than that, I found a few small onions too.
    I like your plan to cater to the critters in hopes they'll leave the good stuff alone.

  2. Ok, Dave, I'll take your word about waiting for the quickcrete to dry...You "really" wanted to soak up some sun...right, :')
    Boy, you are really ahead. All I have are some leeks and some heiloom tomatoes seedlings going, and some lettuces on my heat mats at the moment. My walking onions are up in my container garden and my strawberry plants are slowly coming to life. Other than that nothing is going on in the garden. Its supposed to rain here, how much, not sure. It was beatiful here yesterday, about 70*.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  3. I found crocus doesn't return either. I am going to try "tommies" next year and see if they do betterh.

  4. Yep, hard at work!! :) It sounds like you are making some good progress at the new garden area. How nice of you to let your neighbor use that space for potatoes! Now you won't have to plant any and can get some more "hard work time" in!

    The bunnies around here eat a lot of my crocuses. That could be what is happening to some of yours!

    Happy Hard Work Garden Time!

  5. What fun to be making progress on your new land! That is nice of you to let the neighbor plant potatoes.

    I sometimes plant romaine lettuce for the bunnies in hopes they will leave other things alone, but they still eat everything. I did read that it doesn't help to plant things they like, and can even draw more critters in, and they will still eat your other crops as well. Oh, well, maybe they will leave some for you and the neighbors.