Friday, March 9, 2012

 Improvements on the Rain Barrel
I've been working outside on the rain water catch barrel.  This  is about version three and could possibly be the last improvement.  The weather here as been great.  Nice temperatures have given me a chance to begin with the Spring cleanup and start thinking about gardening.  Of course the first thing is to get the watering system back in service.

Improved water collection system
 This is the improved version of water flow into the barrel.  It incorporates a screen filter to keep leaves and sticks from entering the barrel. 

Under side of barrel lid
Here's a view of the under side of barrel lid.  You can see the screen covering the cut off five gallon bucket. I used a few screws to keep the bucket/screen/lid assembly from separating.

Screen filter bucket with lid
The barrel lid is in place with the bucket lid on the bucket.  The hole in the lid fits the down spout.  I have to say I didn't come up with this idea.  I found it on the Internet and thought it was a great way to catch water in the barrel.  The next rain will tell the story for sure.

Final assembly complete
Here it is all together with the gutters cleaned and waiting for the rain to pour off the roof.  The concrete base of the barrel needs to be moved over just a little more so the barrel is centered on the base.  That will be another day soon.

Keep you spade sharpened and your garden trowel within arm's reach.  Have a great day in the garden.


  1. thanks for the reminder - mine is upside down - we too have had great week - got alot of clean up done - Saturday our yard debris recycle center opens and I've got plenty. Stay well. c

  2. We need to get our rain barrels out. I want to show this to Larry. I'd like to get ours up higher so I can use a hose.