Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fences are being built
I've been working on building a fence at Terra Nova Gardens.  I've been in the lumberjack mode.  Several sapling trees have sacrificed there existance to become the rail fence along the road of Terra Nova Gardens.
Rail fence at Terra Nova Gardens
It's actually starting to look like some gardening might happen there this year.  It's taken a couple days but the fence is coming right along.

The mystery plants have grown since the last post and have definitely been identified as common daylilies which I understand are some what invasive.  Great another challenge.  Just what I need.  I'm going to try to tame the wild common invasive daylilies and keep them corraled around the outside of my fenced in garden area.  In the back wooded area you can see that it's greening up.  However, I'm pretty sure it's all nettle weeds.  I'm going to try to keep the perimeter weed whacked as much as I can and let the trees shade out the rest. I hope.
Old Tom strutting his stuff
Old Tom is looking good.  He's the Tom that's on the top of the pecking order.  There are three other Toms but this one is definitely the king.  He spent almost an hour strutting around in front of the ladies while I worked on the garden yesterday.  The ladies didn't really seem to be too interested yet.  According to the neighbors living in the area that usually comes around May.  It will be kind of interesting to see little gobblers scampering around the area.  Or maybe not when they start eating everything.

Well, that's what I've been doing this week.  How about you?  What's been happening in your life this week?


  1. Good luck with those lilies. I refuse to use any chemicals in my yard/garden, but after several years of battling those buggers, I'm getting close.
    The fence looks great. It's exciting to see the changes unfold in your garden.
    Happy Spring to you!

  2. The fence certainly gives the garden some character. Daylilies don't spread too far each year. I'll be you can keep them under control. Love the turkey strutting his stuff. What a show you have there each day.

  3. The garden is looking good Dave! It looks like you may have a free Thanksgiving dinner there :)

    I'm sure you can handle those daylilies without resorting to chemicals. The garden will look wonderful with the lilies planted along the fence. Happy Garden Prepping!!

  4. Just remember you can eat daylillies! (and most of them taste pretty nice too, tho very subtle) You could probably sheet mulch them out of existence if they encroach on your growing space though Looks like you've been pretty busy!