Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflections of "Old Dave's Garden" blog

October 2009 "Old Dave's Garden" was born.  It's been just over two years that this blog has recorded the some what strange and entertaining antics of Old Dave in his garden.  My goodness, who would have thought anyone would follow such a blog but at present there are 27 followers.  This week the total page views rolled over the 7,000 mark.  I am indeed humbled.  My very first comment received brought a surprised look on my face that anyone should not only read the post but feel inspired to leave a comment.  It has been a refreshing journey that has brought sadness, joy, inspiration, compassion, challenge,  and many more things of character building.  Many thanks to those of you who read and comment here on this blog.

January and February were spent in the basement working on a food storage area.  The plans were aggressive and the project didn't quite get completed but January of 2012 the project will continue.

In March Spring sprung and tulips bloomed beside the daffodils announcing that Spring had arrived.  Cleanup from the winter began with great anticipation of gardening, flower planting, and continuing outside projects.  A trip to Las Vegas to visit family and to celebrate what was to be my Dad's 87th birthday and his final one.

April brought one last blast of winter with snow which didn't last long but brought much needed moisture.  Rains abounded through out the month as grass started it's growth for the year and made the ending of winter a joyous time.

As April rolled into May the poor man's living patio once again came to life as flowers were planted in hanging baskets and along the retaining wall.

June ended the school year which brought much joy to my grandson since he was to leave to visit his Dad in California on July 4th for an entire month.  The rabbits were foiled by covering the lettuce with a screen and the first salad harvest was eaten with lip smacking enjoyment.

July brought the hottest month of the year to us and many 100+ days with no rain were endured.  Gardens suffered but produced the first tomato from the garden.  The automated gravity feed watering system worked flawlessly and most likely saved the garden from burning up.  While my grandson was absent visiting his Dad a free standing fort/tree house was erected in the back yard and a swing set from the neighbors refurbished and anchored in the ground.  It was a busy month.

In August some garden cleanup along with much yard work was done.  What started as a simple faucet replacement of a couple hours ended by a total replacement of the sink and all plumbing to the drain pipe in the wall taking about a week.  It was quite a project.  Returning to school saddened my grandson for a while but then it was good to see all his classmates again.

September began the process to buy Terra Nova Gardens from the foreclosed property website.  A fall garden was planted just before leaving on a fishing trip into the high country of Nevada.  The limit for Trout was brought back to enjoy during the winter months.  The fall garden, "Mesclun lettuce", started producing.

October inspired the Mesclun to prolifically produce and a salad a day was the norm.  Yard cleanup, dismantling the gravity feed garden watering system, and continuing to work on the back yard patio kept me busy. 

A very warm November kept the fall garden producing and allowed more work on the backyard patio.  Many hours were spent at Terra Nova Gardens scouting, dreaming, planning, discovering, and even some clearing of the land.

December gave me a great Christmas present.  The official deed to Terra Nova Gardens came in the mail just before Christmas.  Now I actually own the land and serious planning has begun.

Overall it's been a grand year and I'm so excited about the New Year of 2012.  How much can an old guy with stand.

So I leave you with this old Irish blessing and pray your New Year is the best.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Terra Nova Gardens are now Mine
Good news. Terra Nova Gardens are now mine.  My imagination is running wild and dreams are way bigger than I could possibly accomplish any where other than in my mind.  Garden planning has filled up my spare time.  Yeah, like who has any spare time. 

I really thought that the closing procedure would have signing involved but it didn't.  I just handed over the final payment and they gave me a receipt and we were done.  It was quite uneventful and was nothing like closing for a house.

After paying the payment, now .... in three to four weeks the deed will arrive in the mail. (Big sigh)  It's a good thing that I'm a patient man.  I just had to visit Terra Nova Gardens after knowing that the property is really mine.  I sat on the section of tree that has been down for years and dreamed about how it would look in a couple years.  This section of tree will have to be chainsawed up and removed as it's right in the middle of the garden area.

It's difficult to know where to start.  I expect the cleanup will take a few days before I can stake out the beds.  Because of evidence of den type critters I feel the need for a fence.  The flowers around the outside of the fence will be a first line of defence.  My plan is to eventually have a fence that is 64 inches high with an additional six inches sort of under the ground.  My thought is not bury the chicken wire fence straight down in the ground but to flare it out semi horizontal under the flowers.  That way if digging critters do get through the flowers their claws will catch on the wire when they try to dig.  I'm thinking that it will discourage their digging.  What do you think?

This is the total plan for the first 60 feet of Terra Nova Gardens.  It's the clearest in that it doesn't have many trees.  It just has weeds, vines, and brush.  This is a three year plan if I don't have too many distractions.  It will put 35 beds into production.

This is a great picture to show height of the bank in the back of the property.  The first 60 feet straight back toward the bank is fairly level.  If you click on the picture to get the full size, it gives a getter look at the bank.  This bank is on the west side of the property and will be a great asset to keep high wind bad weather from damaging the garden.

This will most likely be the last post about Terra Nova Gardens until Spring.  Now the focus will be on inside projects that are down in the deep dark food storage area of the basement.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.