Monday, September 26, 2011

Returning to the Garden
Before leaving on the fishing trip I scoured the city to find seeds for a fall garden.  One lesson learned from that experience is to buy the seeds in the spring because there are no seeds for fall gardens.  So finally I found one lonely seed rack at the local nursery with very limited seeds.  I purchased the last lettuce, carrot, and broccoli seed packs on the rack.  Carefully, I set out to plant the seeds as indicated on the packages.  I lightly watered them for the next couple days and then left to head out to fish in Northern Nevada.

Upon my return, much to my surprise this is what the planted lettuce looked like.  It really looks like a patch of weeds to me.  It was the ugliest lettuce I've ever seen.  I dug out the seed pack to see exactly what in the world I had planted in my garden.  Here's what it said.  Q's Special Medley chosen by Chef John Platt and exhibits flavors, textures and colors as varied as the acclaimed cuisine of Q's restaurant in the historic Boulderado Hotel.  Imagine that?  I had planted acclaimed cuisine of Q's restaurant. .... It still looks like weeks to me.  I guess that I'll let the mess grow a little more and maybe even sample some of the foliage to see what Chef John Platt is serving to his customers in the historic Boulderado Hotel.  Sorry, it still looks like weeds to me.  How about you?

Next up is the broccoli.  Only three out of the eight planted germinated.  That's not a very good germination rate.  I hope the broccoli can endure some cold weather because in just a few short days the October 15th first freeze date will be arriving.  With temperatures in the middle to lower 40s at night it just might happen any day now.

The carrots were even worse.  Out of the 80 some planted, I could only find four plants growing.  I guess that I've got a lot to learn about fall gardening.  It's been a pretty pathetic experience this year.

The tomatoes are definitely on their last leg and will be ripped out before the week's end.  It was a strange year for tomatoes.  However, the green peppers sprang to life after the long hot month of July was over.  I'm harvesting bags full of green peppers from the eight plants that did nothing until the end of July.  Gardening this year was a trying experience that caused me to learn a lot about the patience of growing plants.

The bid on the foreclosed property has been excepted and now the notice has to be sent to property owner to pay up or else.  If he does not respond, then the waiting period will be 60 days before we can move into the final stage of clearing the deed and making the final payment to actually own the property.  Patience patience patience.  I just might own a piece of property for a Christmas present if all goes well.

Now that the bid has been excepted I may start to clear out some of the weeds and foliage to help with the spring preparation.  If I don't end up with the property, then it will just be a good deed for the property owner.  What do you think?

I still have a backyard project to finish up before the snow flies.  The patio with fire pit has quite a bit to get finished.  I still need a few more foundation blocks to set then the work will go a little faster.  A small retaining wall and the main patio blocks have to be put in place.  I better get started.  Well, right after another cup of coffee. 

Enjoy the fall weather as often as you can because winter is on the way.  Farmer's Almanac says for my area that the temperatures for winter will be normal but the winter will be wet.  I guess I better make sure the snow blower is ready to throw snow as one inch of wet equates to 12 inches of winter snow.  The grandson will like that.

Oh, yeah, it's just about time to make that fall soup and start baking bread.  Have a great day.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fishing Trip

The fishing trip started from my home in Nebraska and went straight west on I-80 the entire length of Nebraska.  A stop in Wyoming to see the two grand kids in Green River and the path continued on through Utah.  It took me over a section of I-80 that I had never traveled before.  The above picture shows the land on the west side of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's nothing but hard packed salt.  This goes on for at least a hundred miles or more.  It's absolutely worthless land to grow anything.  I'm not sure what it would be good for.

Almost as soon as the state line was crossed into Nevada the landscape changed to scraggly trees and sage brush.  What a change.  I still not sure that this land could grow anything of value and either cows or horses were seen grazing the brown turf.  So far I was not impressed with the soil of these two states.

Finally after two days of traveling, arrival at the the destination was accomplished.  Another guy brought the tent we would be using for the stay at the National park camp ground.  It wasn't much to look at but it did have hot showers and flush toilets.  That's always a plus for me.  As you can see there are no trees.  The 6500 feet of elevation must be above the tree line.  There's only that scruffy brush and brown tufts of grass to look at.  It was a good camp site for the three days we were there.

Every morning we awoke to this view of the lake.  The temperature would be cold enough to frost up the car windows so it was probably middle twenties.  The morning camp stove coffee tasted pretty good with the cold temperatures.  Perfect stillness with not a ripple on the lake.  About noon the wind would come up enough to make a few waves on the water but still not too bad.  By noon the warm clothing layers would start coming off as the temperature would climb up to about 75.

By day's end, we caught many fish.  This picture shows the afternoon catch for one day.  Since we could only have five fish each in possession at any given time, we only kept the biggest ones and ate fish every day.  By the third day we had eaten all the fish we could stand and just fished for fun with catch and release.  We decided to cut the trip short by one day and come back home.  It was a great trip and I'll definitely be doing it again next year.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plumbing is finished and fall garden planted

As is with my tradition, flatbox furniture is just never designed right.  It's just too flimsy for me.  To beef up the back of this sink cabinet, special pieces of OSB board have been installed.  Much better for moving to the final resting place and for attaching to the wall. 

After a few more small issues the cabinet is finally in place with a new faucet and fully functioning plumbing for hopefully another 45 years.  Now that this project is completed I can concentrate on my real passion which is gardening.

At last look the lettuce is up and growing well.  I think I saw broccoli up but since I've never grown broccoli before, I'm not sure what a sprouting broccoli seed should look like.  No sign of a carrot showing itself yet.

This is the second video of the property in foreclosure that I've submitted a bid to buy.  You hear me getting more and more out of breath as I struggle through the tangled jungle to give you a picture of the interior of the property.  Until next time be safe in all gardening and construction projects.

Friday, September 2, 2011

First Ever Video of potential property

This is my first attempt to use the HD video camera that I won from a GRIT Magazine blogger.  She was allowed to give away two cameras for a Purina promotion.  It's been a learning curve for sure but I am amazed at just how easy it was to upload the video and how well it turned out.  I even edited a portion off the end of me bumbling around trying shut off the camera.  Hopefully I'll get better at this and have more footage later as improvements begin for this property.  This property is not much to look at right now but by this time next year it just might be in a little better condition.

I hope enjoy the tour and be sure to leave a comment about what you think.