Friday, January 28, 2011

Phase 1 is electrical wiring and getting ready for insulation

First things first. The electrical wiring is always the first thing that needs to be done while all the ceilings and walls are open. The much needed switch to prevent having to walk into a dark room to pull the chain on the light in the middle of the room was wired up first thing. As with all old houses .... well some what old (45 years), there are unexpected things that come up. I know some will not think a 45 year old house is old but for my house it is. Some of the lumber demensions are different so compensations have to be make when construction is required.

Many years ago I thought that electrical wiring should be a snap as really there's only three wires. Just how complicated could it be? Well, I soon found out there are infinite possibilities of how those three wires can be connected together. There are three way switches and multiple lights and outlets that can greatly complicate things. I've been learning about all these things by going on my volunteer trips with the electrical team. It's been a great learning experience and I'm glad that I can put to use some of those learned skills at home. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

The first light is in and working perfectly with no changes. What a surprise that was for me. My tangled mess of telephone and cable TV wires from the many additions over the twenty five years of living in this house really needs to be cleaned up. Yeah well that can be done later right now my concentration is on the storage area. There some wire clean up to do there but most is out in the furnace area.

To install the insulation in the ceiling, a box had to be built around the heat vent for the dining room above the storage area. It will be stuffed full of insulation as well as the ceiling will have insulation stuffed into it. Then it will be covered with drywall. All this is done in hopes to isolate this area away from the heat of the house and keep this area cooler for food storage.
After the insulation and ceiling, will come the most difficult part of the whole project. That would be the building of a wall with a door in it to completely isolate this area. Then more insulation with drywall on both sides to cover this wall. All this needs to be completed before fall harvest .... actually it would be even better before spring planting begins. The project continues. Tune in for the completion of the next phase of the basement storage area.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some Assembly Required

Through out my life time the key phrase for just about anything was "Some Assembly Required." Whether it be what I call flatbox furniture or kid's toys it always seemed to require some degree of assembly. So it's no wonder that even today in my projects that some assembly is required. Here are some of the parts required to wire in a new light and a wall switch for my storage area. Bradley, my grandson, has been home the last two weeks enjoying Christmas vacation so not much has been accomplished on the storage area. So you will have to stay tuned for the shocking outcome of Old Dave's electrical wiring experience. Remember there are old electricians and there are bold electricians but there are no old bold electricians.

January is a new month, a new year, and time for planning what will be finished this year. There are many things to keep me busy but two I've singled out to prioritize. First is the storage area that I am working on and the next would be the outdoor backyard patio with firepit to be completed by summer's end. If those two things are completed this year. Then I will consider it a successful year. As you can see there will be a lot of work involved to make this an area to hang out.

Do you have anything that will make your year a success? Leave a comment and tell me about it.