Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plumbing is finished and fall garden planted

As is with my tradition, flatbox furniture is just never designed right.  It's just too flimsy for me.  To beef up the back of this sink cabinet, special pieces of OSB board have been installed.  Much better for moving to the final resting place and for attaching to the wall. 

After a few more small issues the cabinet is finally in place with a new faucet and fully functioning plumbing for hopefully another 45 years.  Now that this project is completed I can concentrate on my real passion which is gardening.

At last look the lettuce is up and growing well.  I think I saw broccoli up but since I've never grown broccoli before, I'm not sure what a sprouting broccoli seed should look like.  No sign of a carrot showing itself yet.

This is the second video of the property in foreclosure that I've submitted a bid to buy.  You hear me getting more and more out of breath as I struggle through the tangled jungle to give you a picture of the interior of the property.  Until next time be safe in all gardening and construction projects.


  1. Looking at that property, there is so much potential!! I wouldn't go clearing too much around that bank---the shady areas would be great for blackberries or something like that.

    I remember nettle from my days of living in Illinois--and the good thing about it is that it indicates RICH soil. It only grows in nutrient rich areas, so if you DO get the property (hopefully!), you'll have some great ground there for growing.

    Are you thinking raised beds or standard in-the-ground garden?

  2. Congrats on finishing that little plumbing job :) The property looks great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!