Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Fishing Trip

The fishing trip started from my home in Nebraska and went straight west on I-80 the entire length of Nebraska.  A stop in Wyoming to see the two grand kids in Green River and the path continued on through Utah.  It took me over a section of I-80 that I had never traveled before.  The above picture shows the land on the west side of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's nothing but hard packed salt.  This goes on for at least a hundred miles or more.  It's absolutely worthless land to grow anything.  I'm not sure what it would be good for.

Almost as soon as the state line was crossed into Nevada the landscape changed to scraggly trees and sage brush.  What a change.  I still not sure that this land could grow anything of value and either cows or horses were seen grazing the brown turf.  So far I was not impressed with the soil of these two states.

Finally after two days of traveling, arrival at the the destination was accomplished.  Another guy brought the tent we would be using for the stay at the National park camp ground.  It wasn't much to look at but it did have hot showers and flush toilets.  That's always a plus for me.  As you can see there are no trees.  The 6500 feet of elevation must be above the tree line.  There's only that scruffy brush and brown tufts of grass to look at.  It was a good camp site for the three days we were there.

Every morning we awoke to this view of the lake.  The temperature would be cold enough to frost up the car windows so it was probably middle twenties.  The morning camp stove coffee tasted pretty good with the cold temperatures.  Perfect stillness with not a ripple on the lake.  About noon the wind would come up enough to make a few waves on the water but still not too bad.  By noon the warm clothing layers would start coming off as the temperature would climb up to about 75.

By day's end, we caught many fish.  This picture shows the afternoon catch for one day.  Since we could only have five fish each in possession at any given time, we only kept the biggest ones and ate fish every day.  By the third day we had eaten all the fish we could stand and just fished for fun with catch and release.  We decided to cut the trip short by one day and come back home.  It was a great trip and I'll definitely be doing it again next year.


  1. Sounds like you had good luck with the fishing-so it was a successful trip!
    I love the area around Green River--have you ever gone out Wild Horse Canyon road? The views up there are magnificent. And the horses are kinda neat too!

  2. Lucky you. I am glad you had a wonderful trip, and I am jealous, the fish look delicious!
    Wonderful photos and posts.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a great trip! It looks like you had a good time and caught a lot of fish!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time. I don't know my fish. What are those? I enjoyed your photos. I thought that was water in the first photo. I'm glad we don't have that here.