Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally one for old Dave
At the end of day three score one for old Dave the very non professional plumber.  So now the score would be faucet repair 2 and old Dave 1.
Remember that old pipe that had become one with the pipe in the wall.  Delicate surgery was performed on the pipes to extract the inside from the wall drain pipe.  The tools used for this ever so delicate surgery were a sawsall, a hammer, and a chisel.  After one hour of surgery, the extraction was completed.  It was difficult surgery as the wall pipe could have broken at any time which would have caused cardiac arrest.  (No not the pipe silly.  On me.)  Thankfully that didn't happen.

Here you see a dry run for the plumbing just to see if all will be well.  Only one seal is missing and a run to the local hardware store with rectify that.  A little adjustment on the P-trap wall pipe may be needed but everything is starting to look good.  Score one for old Dave.

Those that have followed my blog for awhile will know how much I love to put flat box furniture together but there are times when it just can't be avoided.  This is one of those times.  So with gritted teeth and a sharp box cutter the assembly procedure begins.

Well there she is.  The completed cabinet.  Ain't she a beauty?  The last couple flat box projects the door and drawer pulls never have a long enough bolt to hold the knob on.  Another run to the hardware store with correct this issue .... again.

So I think I'll take a three day holiday and hit it again next week.  Well that is after I haul three sliding glass doors for a friend one day, take a trip to Melvern Iowa to help saw up damaged trees from the baseball size hail, and attend two birthday parties on the last day.  Well one of the parties is for me so I can't complain.  It's a great life if I just don't weaken.

Now where's that recliner.  I think I need a nap from just thinking about this weekend.


  1. Have a well deserved weekend from the toils of home ownership,lol.

  2. Plumbing score!! How should feel very proud. There's a lot of us that don't know a valve from a pipe. But using a sawsall would be fun!

    Happy Birthday. Hope it's a fun day.

  3. Well, it looks like things went well! Have an enjoyable weekend and a Happy Birthday!! We will be dealing with all this nonsense from Irene!

  4. Hi Dave,
    I admire folks who can make things and fix plumbing. I am not so handy.

    Yes, it has been a good summer for being out a little bit at a time, watching the critters. I am wondering how many mice live in my yard, though. I have been startling and being startled by mice more and more often.

    I don't do the best job remembering the second part of the plants' names in my garden. I try to stick tags in the ground, but the squirrels must dig them out and take them.

    I should set up a drip system, but haven't so far. We have an underground sprinkler system. I almost got an adaptor kit for the new front yard planting area, but my brother-in-law said we'd have to adjust the amount of pressure coming out of it, so I decided to wait.