Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cleaning up the garden

Cleaning up seems to be the task at hand these days.  After letting the yard go in July, it's a never ending task to get it back to submission.  I've been wanting to cut down a bush near my garden beds but just have not gotten around to it.  Today is the day to tackle the task.  My old knees just won't take the bending down too much any more so I tackled this task sitting.

Nothing like a little nap after a hard job completed.  That's the beauty of not being on the clock.  Resting and naps are when ever needed.  You can see a few Sequoia weeds in the left background and the pile of cut bush on the right behind me.

When the day is finished, two garden beds are ready for fall planting and the bush is now bundles of yard waste waiting to be set out by the curb.  Now the task will be to dig out the bush stump and expand the garden by one raised bed.  After the yard cleanup it is really time to rest and recover for tomorrow is another day of cleanup and building.  The work is never done around an urban ranch.


  1. Well, by my calculations, you only need 21 more beds!! Just kidding. You'd never get a moments rest. Mine are starting to empty out and get put to sleep for the winter. It's a long process, but it keeps me outside in the sunshine (really, is it SUPPOSED to be sunny EVERY day?????) I'm still digging potatoes, the onions are ready, and a nap sounds good....zzzzzzzzzzzz!
    What are your plans for the new bed?

  2. I like how you sit down on the job!! Now that you have those beds all cleaned out...what are you going to plant for the fall?? Nosey gardeners want to know!

  3. We're all ears here. What is planned for fall?
    Love your header photo of the bricks and beam frame, looks very nice.
    I have got to get into my getto garden and mow, and I think that I am going to pull my Straight 8's out, they did not produce worth a hoot this year, but my new "Iznik" cucumbers produced wonderfully and are still crispy and taste super.
    Don't overdue it too much.

  4. Here's to fall planting.

    BTW--that is an amazing fort for your grandson.

  5. Cleaning up the garden is a very good form of exercise... Good job.

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  6. Ah, my hubby has been having trouble with one of his knees lately. I keep telling him he needs to make a dr appt, as it has been swollen some day, but of course, he hasn't. ;-)

    Your garden beds look wonderful, so nicely organized and cleaned up.

    I want to agree with the comment you made on my blog, re: the evening sounds in urban settings, the night and the mornings. Most of my life was built around those sounds. And they have their own charm, esp since my brain is full of memories of playing with the neighborhood kids at dusk, hearing the crickets chirping while we played kick the can and hid from each other... now that I've gotten older, I will definitely agree with you that a cup of joe in the a.m. is a treasured highlight of the day's start.

    And it doesn't matter where one happens to be sitting for that cup of joe, it's all good. :-)

  7. The heat really caused problems for my vegetable garden this summer. I haven't given up yet, but am thinking we need to get the compost out and spread so we can put a different fence on the west side so it's not leaning on our neighbor lady's fence. It's buckling on the bottom, and she left a phone message yesterday to let us know she had done her best to get some trees cut out that were growing in the compost on her side.