Friday, August 12, 2011

Bradley's Fort is complete
The major project for July is complete.  There was a bit of a stability issue but with both cable and wood bracing the issue was brought under complete control.  It was the talk of the neighborhood for a couple days but now it's just part of the normal circuit of playing in the neighborhood.  I'm sure there will be some additions and tweaking as time goes along.  The second wind and rain storm blew through last night with no harm to the Fort.  It's a full two weeks into the testing period and no problems what so ever.  I'm declaring it a successful project that's completed.

Now the yard?  That's another matter. Due to the focus on getting the fort finished before Badley's return, as you can see, the yard suffered from neglect.  After a month of neglect it looked pretty bad.  Mutant Ninja weeds sprouted up where my patio project was in progress and put on hold during the month of July.  I really thought about getting out Big Bertha my chainsaw but reconsidered it and resorted to the old fashioned hand pulling weeds method.

After two days of blood, sweat, and tears that produced 11 bags of yard waste, the wild habitat yard was brought under submission.

It's amazing what a little hard work can produce.  Now I need to attack the garden and the chain link fence line behind the garden.  It looks like I just might be growing prairie grass in the garden.  Then of course there's the side yard.  The alien plant from outer space is trying to make a come back.  Some hacking will be needed there as well.  How would I ever be able to keep up with acres if I had that much land?

One last parting shot of the neighborhood gang enjoying the fort.  Yesterday even one of the neighborhood girls joined the boys of the neighborhood and tagged around with them most of the day which was mostly spent in the backyard in the fort or on the swing set.

The garden seems to be winding down already.  The cucumbers are wilting and the leaves on the tomatoes are curling but the production is still there.  The green peppers never did come back after the initial six peppers.  The plants look good they just aren't producing any more peppers.  The onion and potato tops are drying up but that's supposed to happen about this time.  I'm thinking about planting a fall garden so I'll probably be pulling out the cukes and replanting the spring salad area . 

It seems there's always something to do around the Urban Ranch.


  1. The fort turned out wonderful--you must be so proud. Isn't it amazing how the lawn knows you're busy----and plots it's revenge for all the mowing?!

  2. The fort is great! I bet that he just loves it!

    I'm just starting my fall planting this weekend. I guess you better get busy with that garden!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Such a nice grandpa you are! The fort looks fantastic! Good thing you finished in time to get those weeds out before they took over your whole yard!

  4. Oh you just HAVE to do a fall garden - they are so much more enjoyable, in my opinion! I can't wait to put ours in, but I'm going to have to as we are still getting 100 degree temps, or at least high 90s! Sheesh!!

    I love the fort, Dave - that is just too awesome. I can just imagine how cool the kids think it is. That is every kid's dream.

    And I do love the sound of that northern Nevada hotel you like to frequent ;-) Oh sure, I like the fancy places, but I love the great spots that nature provides also.

  5. come build a fort at my house next! Please, please, please!!!